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M for love, chapter 1449: Werner will die on his own. Even Budzyński at the funeral will not?

M like love chapter 1449. Adam Werner (Jacek Kopczyński)
M like love chapter 1449. Adam Werner (Jacek Kopczyński)

Black minds in "M jak miłość" will be Adam Werner (Jacek Kopczyński). After breaking into the lawyer's apartment, it will reach a shameful mood and realize that death is near. In the chapter 1449 "M jak shell" Werner will surely die in loneliness, as no one is close to him. And what is worse, he will assume that his only real friend Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek) will not appear at the funeral.

Episode 1449 – Tuesday, 28/05/2019, "M jak miłość", in 20.55 on TVP2

What will happen to Werner in "M for love"? Will Adam be ill and start preparing to die? The viewers will learn the answer to these questions in chapter 1449 "M jak miłość" when the lawyer tells Budzyński about the stage where the mystery burglary is to his house. in Waterwater.

For some time, a band of thieves around the house have been raiding around. In danger will not only Werner, but also Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) and Piotrek (Marcin Mroczek), who lives near Adam and Joanna (Barbara Kurdej-Szatan) from the neighboring street of Wietrzna.

– I get the impression that the only thing they do about this burglary, they're my questioning! I was spitting in my beard that I hadn't come back earlier. Half an hour and I'd cover them! And they would sit! – he will throw a fierce lawyer when he returns to the office. It won't be able to do anything to speed things up.

In 1449 chapter "M jak miłość", Budzyński will calm his friend. – They sit? You would be in a hospital or cemetery sooner … – discover, because it is not known what the thieves could go to.

And then it will start, because Adam will understand that he is completely alone in the world. – Well, you're fine … Would you come to my funeral? Because, you know, I wonder if anyone would come to my funeral. Would anyone care? And the collections aren't too happy … t

Andrzej is really worried about his friend's "final thoughts". – Are you healthy? Is everything right with my head?

– Yes, right now, beat … But years are flying, a beard is grating, you do not have these problems. Do you have a family, children, and what? Sam, like a finger and less and fewer opportunities to change it. I know that time is more kind to us than to women, although our possibilities also reduce … Have you heard of lazy sperm? – Werner will probably ask that he will never be a father
– Take it!
– What? Our nature! Do you think what, that's not worrying you? – Werner will ask.

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