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Lechia Gdańsk – Score and relationship Cracovia – highest league


The presence of Slovakia in Lechia's first team was a great surprise. Kuciak put in previous games, and Serb Zlatan Alomerović stood between jobs and the green goal. – No particular thing happened. Kuciak has three yellow cards (for four breaks – red.) And I did not want to allow a situation where it can not perform, and a man who does not play in the goal – Piotr Stokowiec coach explained his decision.

The Lechia trainer taps the van and the place. In the 28 minutes Kuciak managed to keep Mateusz Wdowiak accused in the penalty area, but a second later defended the penalty kick, performed by Javi Hernandez. This was the thirteenth made by the Cracovia players this season and the third one was wasted (in the previous two cases, Michał Helik shot). In the first half, Kuciak filtered again when Damian Dąbrowski shot in a close style. The Slovakian also rescues the team at the end of the game, preventing the Helika blast, which appeared on the field.

Lechia managed to run the ball quickly at half the competitor, but in the first 45 minutes he did not create a good position. The most dangerous thing was when Flavio Paixao was trying to surprise Michael Michał Pešković with a small shot, but the Portuguese man was extinguished and did not have much chance to hit the net.

In the second half, Rafał Wolski appeared on the field and it was clear that Lechia was in the quartile quarter-quarter constitution. The midfielder could have two help, but his colleagues were ineffective – Jarosław Kubicki was in a great position after the Wolski bid, but at the last minute Cracovia's defense was warned. The decision was 79 minutes. Lukaš Haraslin was on the ball in the penalty area and played perfectly for Flavio. There was no mistake in Portuguese, who played on average throughout the game, of several meters and was 1: 0. On average, he played the whole Lechia, but again this season, although the competitor could have liked him more and creating him more situations, he won three points.

Michał Probierz as a Cracovia coach was three times ahead of Lechia and never missed. He defeated the white grass led by Piotr Nowak and Adam Owen (2: 1 and 1: 0), who played with Lechia Stokowiec with no goals. Now this streak has come to an end.

Lechia Gdańsk – Krakow Krakow 1: 0 (0: 0)

notes: 1: 0 Flavio Paixao (79-pen).

Yellow card – Lechia Gdańsk: Błażej Augustyn, Dusan Kuciak, Konrad Michalak.

judge: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Warsaw). Widzew 17, 089.

In the 29 minutes, Javi Hernandez (Cracovia) lost the penalty. Protect Dusan Kuciak.

Lechia Gdańsk: Dusan Kuciak – Joao Nunes, Michał Nalepa, Błażej Augustyn, Filip Mladenovic – Konrad Michalak (59th Artur Sobiech), Jarosław Kubicki, Daniel Łukasik, Flavio Paixao, Lukas Haraslin (86th Steven Vitoria) – Jakub Arak (46. Rafał Wolski).

Krakow: Michal Peskovic – Cornel Rapa, Niko Datkovic, Alexey Dytiatiev, Michal Siplak – Sergei Zenjov (88. Michał Helik), Damian Dąbrowski, Janusz Gol, Javi Hernandez (84. Sebastian Strózik), Mateusz Wdowiak – Airam Cabrera (33. Marcin Budziński ).

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