Monday , July 4 2022

Kubica: I have already made the decision – ŚwiatWyścigó


Robert Kubica during his visit to Poland said he had already decided on his future future. However, the Pole is not to reveal which team will represent next season.

Currently, Kubica is the backup of the Williams team in Formula 1, and according to the sources of the Motorsport and Auto Motor und Sport Network, he has already received a racist driver's offer, although the team refuses to confirm these reports . As another option, work was converted into the Ferrari emulator, along with performances on the GT car wheel, and the same person said there were other possibilities other than F1.

"I'm hoping [że stanę na starcie w Australii]" – said during an event organized by his main sponsor. "Certainly, I will not go to Toro Rosso, and until the end of the day, it's not clear what to do with driving in Williams. This time is very timely, many of things and not like me or others have fun and do not want to announce what is being decided, waiting for what is unknown. Even if I was very close, I was very close 12 months ago, and it was almost certain that we would drive, and I would not drive. ".

"I have made my decision, but I will not tell her not to accomplish strange results, but I now believe that we should quickly find out what will happen to me next. From today, everything does not depend on me, but I can also say that Everything depends on Williams ".

He received the Pole last month openly, after hiring George Russell for a race driver, Williams may need financial support from his other player, unless he has the necessary sponsors himself. It is said that the Pole has at least a part of this sum, and even among the owners of Formula 1 Liberty Media.

source: Statements courtesy of powró

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