Saturday , January 22 2022

Krzysztof Głowacki against Maksim Vlasov: This is a very important battle for me


– I hope that Polish fans will come and in my heart. This is a very important battle for me. I want to be the world champion again during this tournament, says Krzysztof Głowacki (30-1, 19 KO), who will be hosting his participation in the Elite Super Boxing World Tournament in heavyweight heavyweight on Saturday evening.

Already in the last quarter in Chicago there is a top shelf competitor – Maksim Vlasov (42-2, 25 KO). But the games are double because the winner, apart from the promotion to the WBSS final, will also win a temporary version of the WBO belt.

– You have not seen my best version yet. I'll be better than when I have defeated Marco Hucka and won the championship title – says Głackacki.

– My trade marks have the strength and depth of the impact, but boxing with injuries is a terrible experience. That's the case with the fight against Huck. I had serious problems with my left wrist, but with the passage of time, thanks to adrenalin, I felt more comfortable. This time without injury. Be sure to see me better than in the fight against Huck – the popular "Head" of Wałcza calmly calms down his fans.

– If Krzysztof and Oleksandr Usyk win the same night, and Usyk goes to heavy pressure, then Głackacki will become a full WBO champion. Before he has a difficult task in the Vlasov's person, who has been impracticated for a long time. I believe, however, that he has the chance to win in this duel and all the tournament – said Leon Margules, co-pioneer American Pole.

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