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Intercity PKP requires ID cards. The reader regretted the identity of passengers [22.05.2019 r.]


Bydgoszcz bought an online ticket for Intercity PKP train. She was surprised when she was shown on the train.

– Why are the leaders in PKP Intercity adhering to the principle of checking an ID when checking online tickets? What happens? I would understand whether many passengers would be entitled to the same place, but in a normal situation, why would this ID card? – the client is surprised.

On the ticket of the cash register … it has no name

We also recommend: PKP Intercity prevents the sale of tickets for the summer. Passengers will lose their discounts?

Related to: – When I bought a ticket on the Internet I gave my name and surname. I understand it, someone makes a joke, sends a ticket and distributes it at the train station. The printout then needs the name. You can assess who has the right to a place where many people want to occupy the same chair. We checked the name of the ticket and the issue has to be cleared. But why do the leaders ask for a document to check whether John Smith, in the car number 1, is in the van with the place, as he has to write on the ticket? Why are tickets bought at the box office at the station not named in this situation?

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This appears to be due to transport law. We asked for them in PKP Intercity, because, for example, on a ticket bought at the box office or on the train, there is no passenger name, and it also takes a specific place allocated to it.

Regulatory obligation

– From the customer who buys the electronic ticket, the ticket for the PKP train Intercity is accepted by the e-IC regulations. The e-IC Regulations (Chapter IV § 3 section 4 point b) clearly show that, in the case of Internet ticket purchases, the passenger is required to submit a document confirming their identity – an office & The press PKP Intercity is a reply soon. – Those who buy from cash registers and from the leader have no surname, and are bought on the internet, so they need confirmation.


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