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Intel The Odyssey – a marketing campaign for new GPUs being launched


Intel The Odyssey - a marketing campaign for new GPUs being launchedIntel works on its next graphic processors that will go to specific graphics cards. As a reminder, Intel was already present in this market, just over twenty years ago, with systems i740. At the time, the company scored a strong game of the competition, and added weak controls to its systems. About a decade ago, the graphics processors "Larrabee" appeared as a great revolution, but nothing came from it. The next decade goes past and Intel is about to take its third approach to the dedicated graphics market that has already been summarized. This time, the company for this type of equipment is preparing an architecture of the Xe name. Will this time be successful?

Next year, the graphic card market, after several years of duopoly, will be expanded by a third player. The Hype train has already started. Where will it get it?

Intel The Odyssey - a marketing campaign for new GPUs being launched [1]

The first graphics cards with Intel graphics processors will appear in the market next year. So far, the company's announcement is that it intends to share the work on Xe architecture into two parts. The first is to take the market for professional applications, and the second to take the consumer market. Therefore, architecture Xe will appear in a division already known for example of NVIDIA and AMD products. Intel has formed former AMD, Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri, to work on Xe architecture. As if that were not enough AMD lost to Intel, Chris Hook, and therefore a marketing man. The latter has probably revealed the first seeds of consumer-related schemes in the new Intel GPUs.

Intel is launching a marketing campaign of the name The Odyssey, suggesting that the path to new graphics cards is a core and serious challenge. As part of The Odyssey's campaign, Intel intends to organize a series of meetings with users, from whom you probably want (what they expect). Intel announces the actions saying it "is committed to listening to the community, and back to offer an outline of internal aspects of developing new visual techniques more than ever before." Intel suggests that it wants consumers to feel involved in creating new GPUs. It's hard to not notice the hand of the previously mentioned Hook. Intel states that anyone who joins the Odyssey newsletter will have the opportunity to access "unique offers and unique gifts". The company also publishes a number of local hosting events, among others in New York, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Toronto, Taipei, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Munich, Sao Paulo, Beijing, London , and finally in Warsaw. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the Intel website.

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