Wednesday , July 6 2022

In DLC Final Fantasy XV there will be only one instead of four. The game director leaves


Final Fantasy XV was a long and colorful life, but these plans have changed rapidly.

This is what is called the spinning spin. The situation is not as dramatic as when Telltale Games come up, and The Walking Dead: The Final Term is stuck in the middle of history, but the DLC had to feature Final Fantasy XV thoroughly complements the game's story. Explain much inaccuracy, give more sense to some events, and even add a new ending to the story of the main character.

Now, however, it seems that none of these are. After scheduled for 2019, four feature attachments were canceled. The next spring will appear only the first of them, saying about Ardynie's main antagonist. And here's where the Final Fantasy XV will end.

Where did this time come from events? The most important reason is the departure of the main director of the game.

Hajime Tabata left the studio to open its own company and carry out its projects. As a result, Luminous Productions, the inner studio of Square Enix, which is largely part of the team responsible for Final Fantasy XV, will be the place of choice in the next DLC, focusing on "the new" – AAA games more specific, high budget. Worse, all these exposures were presented during the Final Fantasy XV special stream of the Special Program name. The players did not expect "such" expertise …

A strange event of events, especially given that the Luminous Productions under the Tabata order are shaped this year. Obviously, something had not clicked and the director was no longer wanting to stay with Final Fantasy XV. Even if the game was well received. "Fifteen" was the finest selling in the fastest history, and in September, the number of copies sold over eight million. But as you can see, nothing is known in the game industry ever.

The title has already received several other DLCs, multiple patches, and even a pocket version to customize for smartphones and Switch. Soon, new, rather cosmetic content will be associated with the Final Fantasy XIV and network Comrades multiplier updates. Thereafter, there is the feature appendix mentioned in the spring … and the end.

3/4 additional content has to be deleted, the director leaves … Epilogue is bad for a good game.

Yuji Shinoda, the only DLC producer that is coming up, emphasized that the studio is still about giving something to supporters who will show what the history of the accessories would be erased. It would be nice to consider that without it, Final Fantasy XV may seem a little liquid. We also hope that the farewell with the game will be high enough.

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