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A basic contract is a contract of employment that regulates the relationship between an employer and an employee.

Contract indefinitely

The long-term contract is permanently binding on both sides indefinitely. Particularly differentiated by other contracts by strong defense against dismissal, because the employer must justify the reason for giving notice to the employee.

Once standing out as the longest notice period, however, after the regulations change on February 22, 2016, in the case of an unspecified and determined contract, depending on the length of employment with a specific and effective employer is:

  • 2 weeks if the employee has been employed for less than 6 months;
  • One month if the employee has been employed for at least 6 months;
  • 3 months if the employee has been employed for at least 3 years.

When termination periods start and end with a specific term contract and an indefinite contract, you can read here >>

Fixed term contract

Seasonal workers won more protection against redundancy.

In addition, since 2016, in the case of fixed-term contracts, it is relevant rule "3 and 33". This means that an employer can only join one worker three contracts indefinitely (it does not matter if there are gaps or their lengths). moreover The maximum period of term employment for one employer is 33 months (it can also be for one contract and several contracts), without adding a probationary period, so a total of 36 months. In the case
which is conditional on these dates in the contract for a definite period
automatically converts to contracts indefinitely. In November, the timely engagement terms >> are again owed

As a result of the changes of two years ago, the Labor Code also disappeared contract for a fixed period, a new contract is considered a sub-type of fixed term employment contract.

Contract for probationary period

An employment contract may be indefinitely and decisive – but it does not have to – foresee a contract for a probationary period.

The probationary period may not exceed 3 months, but may take less –
there is no minimum period specified in the regulations
make a test agreement. The Code prohibits, however, to renew contracts of such a
one employee from the same employer.

The contract for the probationary period is terminated at the end of the period for that
For the conclusion, unless it has terminated from before,
terminate without notice or terminate by agreement
pages. The notice period depends on the time it has left
i ben is:

  • 3 working days if the probationary period is not more than 2 weeks;
  • 1 week if the probationary period is longer than 2 weeks;
  • 2 weeks if the probationary period is three months;

Probation contract does not apply in the case of an employment relationship
based on: contractual employment contract, appointment, recruitment or
appointment. In addition, there are contracts for a probationary period of
youth workers, under a contract of employment and for preparation

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