Thursday , September 16 2021

Hello Games do not stop being surprised. Studio announces another major update of Web Sites No: Sky

Overall, I had a plan to check Sky No Man after the latest update update, The Abyss, focusing on the underground exploration of the planets … but I think I'll wait a bit longer with rehabilitation & # 39 ; r disk game. It appears that this title will receive many new products in the coming months. For now, let's focus on the latest update of Sky No Man: Visions, thanks that the game world will be even more diverse.

As part of this large piece, the creators will introduce new environments to the visited planets, new types of plants and animals, archeology or new events organized. So, an update is not as big as what is mentioned in Abyss, but it's still bringing some cool news. Personally, I would like archeology to be the most suitable for this type of game.

Unfortunately, we do not know again when this piece goes on the administrators, but if you today want to join the fun with this title, then check its prices on computers and consoles:

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