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He invented the app to help addicts. "I have my own alcoholic working high" t


Drop in, we're going for the record. We consume 11 liters of pure alcohol per person during the year. Soon we will exceed the level of 12 liters, that the process of social degradation will begin according to the WHO.

We are happy to reach for strong alcohols in small capabilities, such as monkeys called (from 100 to 200 ml). Synergies research shows that we buy up to 3 million packages of this kind on one day. According to experts, this is a sign that many Poles are going to work in joy.

Harvest time is for festivals and picnics for producers of alcoholic drinks. For the police – the state of highest readiness. According to official statistics, during Easter, officers kept 1450 drunken drivers. The majors statistics are not yet available.

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Marcin Brysiak, the creator of the AlkyRecovery application, has no misconception: if someone drinks and knows he or she will drive the same or the next day, he should talk to a specialist.

– The patient needs, the user, the addiction to understand that he has a problem and decided to be aware of the treatment, the recovery. The application is an auxiliary tool, our access to a committed community of people with the same problems – says Marcin Brysiak.

The system that our co-ordinator is talking about was set up in 2016. A kind of diary of hunger and feelings (or equipment used during addiction treatment) with conversation.

Mr Marcin zł needed about 150,000. to run the application. At that time, no investor was interested in the project. So he arrived for his own money. The answer went to Google Play, where some 140,000 have been downloaded to date. sometimes. The application is free.

– Of course, I want to make money on this answer. After conducting clinical trials, I would lobby for spreading this type of prophylaxis as a tool that supports the therapeutic process. At present, our solution could fill the perfect gap due to the long wait for the first consultation in a state facility – emphasizing Brysiak.

Work on a new version of the system is underway. It will be based on the work of artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze data based on emotions and behaviors (records, comments), audio, video content, application login hours and knowledge of telemedicine applications (heart rate, activity, sweating), and on this basis. they will assess the likelihood of breaking resistance.

This will be the first solution of this kind in Europe. Work on technology development will be funded by funding from the National Center for Research and Development. The grant amounted to almost 6 million PLN.

Mr Marcin admits he treats the project very personally. It is our own addiction. He raised the idea of ​​creating an application during therapy.

– This project is really a piece of my story. I think I fit perfectly with the definition of an alcoholic that works well. Personally, I think the disease can affect anyone regardless of its social status – it explains the creator of AlkyRecovery.

According to the Polish Agency for Alcohol Problem Solving, about 3 million Poles are drinking in a harmful way or addicted to alcohol. Almost every second person who attended therapy goes back to drinking during the first year.

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