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He beat the German women and played in the semi-final


Jacek Nawrocki's charges, to think about promotion to the semi-finals of the Volreux Master tournament, had to win a set of points against the Germans. They succeeded, because the 3: 1 white-and-red defeated their rivals, giving way to them in the second set only, in the others they were obviously better than their western neighbors. Polish women won the race in group A. t

Poland's meeting came well, after a clever shot Agnieszka Kąkolewska The lead took 5: 2. That said, after Martyna Grajber stopped with a double block, our opponents made a point connection, but their two simple personal mistakes allowed the white-and-red team to come back to high advantage. The German players were stuck in one situation and could not make the change. The payments were used quickly Jacek Nawrocki. Good duo Marlena Pleśnierowicz – Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska caused him to be 14: 6. Admittedly, after two errors in the attack, the difference had fallen slightly, but all stated that our representatives controlled the course of this set. Marlena Pleśnierowicz the balls distributed well to her, and her friends had no problems in bringing their attacks to an end. In addition, there was also a service, which did not bring points directly, but was converted into an element of the block. This is a difficult service Malwainy Smarzek led to a set of set balls, and the finished attack by Efimienko-Młotkowska led to the first game match.

From the start of the second game, the game was very flat. Each two point leader was quickly eliminated by the opposing team. Admittedly it seems that the Poles give tone to the game, but a good block t Lindy Bock and service as Denise Imoudand immediately after Marlena Pleśnierowicz touched the net, he managed to get the edge out of their competitors (11: 9). White and red this time also led quickly to tie, using an anti-attack from Malinina Smarzek on the right-wing. He noted everything that the winner of this party would just come out of the end and it actually happened. German volleyball players after the slow opening began to play better and better volleyball as they were in the middle part of the set which always escaped our representatives. The attack proved certain for this set Lena Stigrot to block Louisy Lippman, give the 23:20 lead. While the players in Nawrocki have lost some of their losses, at the crucial moment Smarzek made a mistake with a leaked ball inappropriately, and as a result volleyball players from the western border led to equalizing the state of the competition. .

Just as in the first Polish game, they quickly developed a three-point guide, but when Lena Stigrot Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska single block stopped after 6, another four "obstacles" were won by white and red, which was mainly due to Malwina. Smarzek and Efimienko -Młotkowskiej. Game of players Nicki Neubauer it disappeared completely. His wards had problems in all volleyball elements, and their loss grew steadily. When Efimienko-Młotkowska appeared in the service area, they lost seven "holes" in one location (7:17). This gap was closed slightly, but after the picture by Louise Lippman, it became clear that nothing would change in this part of the duel. The Polish national team seems to want to win the third party, and their competitors did little to stop them doing so. Not only that, the errors in the first service Hanna Orthmannand then Marie Schölzel they gave them pieces and victory in the third party respectively to 18.

The nisocki players were unable to chase the shot and the fourth set began with the pursuit of their opponents. Their competitors came to their aid, which again in this game was able to lose five consecutive points (4: 6). These suspensions meant that they could not catch up with the first third party and the third party. This time, however, Neubauer players gathered relatively quickly and the game began oscillate around the tie. Only their next stop with good eyes Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska which allowed the white-and-red team to rebuild the advantage of three "eyelets", which some shares were later extended to five (12:17). Another set of points won by our representatives was calculated when the service area appeared Agnieszka Kąkolewska. He left the service after Malwina Smarzek's play in the state of 14:22. Attack of left wing Natalia Mędrzyk This game ended with a 3: 1 victory from Polish women, thanks to the right to play in the semi-finals of the tournament in Montreux.

Germany – Poland 1: 3
(14:25, 25:22, 18:25, 18:25)

Team compositions:
Germany: Lippmann (15), Barber (12), Scholzel (7), Orthmann (2), Omoudu 2), Grunding (1), Lohmann (libero) a Stigrot (13) a Schwertmann (3)
Poland: Smarzek (27), Efimienko-Młotkowska (16), Mędrzyk (14), Kąkolewska (10), Grajber (6), Pleśnierowicz (2), Maj-Erwardt (libero) and Różański and Alagierska

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