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Great Champions League Emotions! PSG won very popular! Giroud scored four goals in Seville [WIDEO]

The fifth round of the Champions League is behind us. In the most interesting match of Wednesday’s match series, Manchester United lost to PSG. However, earnings were recorded by Chelsea, FC Barcelona and Juventus.


Chelsea players confirmed a high disposition in recent weeks. They took three points against Seville. “The Blues” started this duel brilliantly.

Already in the 8th minute they took the lead. Thanks to Giroud. The striker, who does not get much opportunity from Frank Lampard this season, has once again proved his skill. He got a pass from Havertz and tried it in the mail.

In the 27th minute Pulisic had a chance. The American ran the rally, but struck badly at the crucial moment. The keeper struck immediately.

Frank Lampard’s players increased their lead after the break. Giroud flashed again. In a one-to-one situation, the ball broke over the goalkeeper.

The match ended with the score 0: 4. In the 74th minute Giroud completed the hat-trick.

However, this is not the end of the French show. The striker again in the 82nd minute again hit the net. This time he used a penalty kick.

“The Blues” secured first place in the group thanks to their victory. Seville, on the other hand, is guaranteed to take second place.

Chelsea London


Borussia Dortmund secured promotion to the knockout stage of the Champions League. Today Lucien Favre’s side pulled Lazio’s home.

The guests at this meeting had to do without their biggest star. Erling Haaland is injured. The Norwegian has broken his muscle fibers and will not be on the field this year.

Without Norwegian, the BVB team did not fully complete the task. From the first star she set the game conditions and sealed her advantage just before the break. In the 44th minute Guerreiro hit the net, which ended the team’s action.

In the second half, the visitors emerged, which led to an equalizer. In the 66th minute, the referee kicked a penalty. Immobile turned the eleven goals. The result is unchanged by the end.

Borussia Dortmund
Lazio of Rome

Club Brugge – Zenit meeting ended with the score 3: 0. De Ketelaere scored the first goal. The Belgian hit the net in the 33rd minute of the game.

After the break, the hosts dealt another shot. Vanaken confidently grabbed the penalty kick. Lang set the outcome of the contest just over a quarter of an hour before the end.

Thanks to the victory, the Belgian team have 8 points to their credit and still count in the fight for the Champions League knockout stage. It will all be decided next week in a direct battle with Lazio.

Brugge Club KV


FC Barcelona are moving from victory to victory in this edition of the Champions League. Today he won with Ferencvaros with no problems. The fate of the meeting was decided in the first two quarters of an hour.

The “Blaugrana” team, which had to do without Messi, Ter Stegen or Coutinho today, scored three goals quickly. Griezmann opened the result in a spectacular way.

Six minutes later it was 0: 2. This time Braithwaite struck close, who used a pass from Dembele when sliding. A few minutes later, the French winger entered his own list of shooters. He probably used a spot kick and it became clear that there would be no surprise in Budapest.

No goals came in the second half. Barcelona won 3-0 and will face Juventus next week. The stake in this duel will be the first place.

FC Barcelona

The “Old Lady” today dealt with Dynamo Kiev at home.

It was 1-0 until the break. In the 21st minute, Buszczan had to take the ball out of the net. The Golkiper had nothing to say after Chiesa’s shot.

In the second half, the Dynamo goalkeeper capped two more. In the 57th minute, Chiesa broke through on the right and shot the ball sharply across the ground in front of goal, and it was Ronaldo, who scored the ball from close range.

In the 66th minute it was already 3: 0. Morata hit the net. The Spaniard with a flat shot did not give the keeper a chance. Juventus have scored three points and will play for first place against Barcelona next week.

Turin Juventus
FC Dynamo Kiev


Manchester United – PSG was announced as the highlight of this day in the Champions League. And indeed – the meeting at Old Trafford provided great emotions.

The visitors got into the contest better. Already in the 6th minute Neymar directed the ball into the net. The Brazilian struck close and defeated De Gea. After a while it could have been 0: 2, but the Spanish goalkeeper was wary with a Florenzi shot.

There was a lot of sharp conflict on the grass. The players did not avoid contact with each other. There was always a spark between the players. Fred confronted Paredes, but he only saw a yellow card for his behavior, which caused much controversy. Neymar also experienced a tough game.

Over time, “Czerwony Diabłów” players gained advantage on the field. In the 32nd minute they managed to equalize. Rashford hit from inside the penalty area and bounced the ball off one of the competitors into the net.

At the start of the second half, PSG players found themselves in dire straits. Martial missed a goal after 49 minutes in excellent position. Cavani later hit the bar. Unused situations took revenge on the hosts.

Marquinhos found himself in the confusion. The defender pushed the ball into the net at close range. After a while, the situation of the “Red Devils” became even more complicated. Fred saw the second yellow card and had to leave the field.

Weak farmers could no longer do anything. Neymar sealed PSG’s victory in extra time. The Brazilian finished a fast counter in cold blood.

The final round of meetings will decide the fate of the promotion. PSG, RB Leipzig and Manchester United each have 9 points. The “Red Devils” will face the German team in a week off.

Manchester United

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