Thursday , January 20 2022

Glowacki – Vlasov. Pole is a world champion WBO temporarily


Krzysztof Głowacki in Chicago spent unanimously on the points of Russia Maksym Własów and became a temporary (interim) WBB global champion in heavyweight pressure. The Pole has also developed into the world-wide World Tournament Boxing World semifinals.

After 12 rounds of exciting and fast duo, the critics scored 118: 110, 117: 110, 115: 112 in favor of the Polish boxer. This means that Głowacki is not only winning the World Boxing Organization interim, but soon becomes the full champion of this federation. Hours a bit earlier in Manchester, Ukrainian, Oleksandr Usyk, four lanes (WBC, WBA, WBO) and a heavyweight champion renewed – also through his promoter – a statement of willingness to move to the royal royal category . Then all her napkins will be empty.

On the Chicago round, Głackacki and Własow decided to fight openly, both had not counted for 36 minutes, they did not hide behind double protection, they competed for a victory with an incredible decision. Their fights were a real circle war to destroy. The player from Wałcz came to be better.

Already in the first round, the Russian player stretched after impressive Glowacki. In the third Vlasov he was counted after a short search on the right by Pole. The Russian "was not seriously injured", at this stage, it was poorly standing, but it was a mistake, and the result of losing points was lost.

Głowacki, trained by Fiodor Łapin, hit a lot with the left and left glove on the body, which weakened Vlasov. The Russian corrected itself with single blows, it was dangerous at the time, but Pole responded to its attacks with strength. The exchange at the end of the ninth conflict was great; Again, Głowacki emphasized his advantage. In the 11th round after the effect with the heads, a deep cut appeared under his left eye. On the face of the Samara boxer there were many signs of a fist fight.

– Maxim, as he is Russia, is a very hard and brave player. Thanks to all the fans for the great fun. Now I'll face more difficult fighting with Mairis Briedis – he said immediately after the announcement of the Głowacki ruling. In the final of the tournament, WBSS will meet Latvian Briedis (25-1), who won the same gala in the same gala, but after a much weaker duel, for points with the Armenian collapse Noel Gevor (23-2).

A 32-year-old Głowacki in the USA won the 31st victory in his professional career. So far, it has lost only one duel; with Usyk in defense of the WBO belt. Vlasov has a record of 42-3.

Previously, two Poles in the World Super Boxing Series: Krzysztof Włodarczyk (in the previous edition) and Mateusz Masternak (three weeks ago). Both failed in the last quarter. Głowacki in the case of winning with Briedis, in the final he will meet Masternak master – Cuban Yunier Dorticos or Andrew Tabiti American.

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