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Formula 1. Hamilton won the second training before the Monaco GP. Kubica finally

Robert Kubica finished last, and George Russell was the last at the second training session before the Formula 1 race for the Monaco Grand Prix. The difference between Williams' cars was very small – it was less than 0.1 s Mercedesy showed the power in the second exercise. Lewis Hamilton wins against Valetter Bottas.

During the first training session, Robert Kubica hit the defensive bands. There was no more serious damage to the car, but the Pole no longer returned to the track. He lost 40 minutes because of this incident. In the second training session, the Cracovian did not have such adventures. Williamsy traditionally closed the posts, although it appeared for a moment that they could pass Lance Stroll from Racing Point, the difficult street track in Monaco is a big challenge. Despite the insecure driving, however, he has a better machine than Kubica and Russell.

Unfortunately, the Pole placed it again on the gray end. His loss to Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes was more than 4 seconds (4,028). Russell just checked in front of Kubica. A little comfort for Cracovian is that the difference between him and Britain is very small. It was less than 0.1 s, but Williams's great loss to 17 is worried about Daniel Ricciardo's re-training of Renault. This means that there is nothing to dream that the qualification will be successful for the stables of Grove. On the track in Monaco, it's very important as a result of the qualification, because it's very difficult to overtake during the race.

The latest news about Robert Kubica!

"A day full of challenges, but as expected. Today and tomorrow we will work hard to improve our speed during the Saturday" – this is how the Williams team made comments on Twitter on Twitter.

Hamilton came out to be without his second Thursday. The winner of the championship title won the first training and the second was the best. Besides, the Mercedsa team showed power. Time "dial" Hamilton 111,118. The second position was taken by his fellow member Valtteri Bottas, who received only 0.081 loss. The rest of the teams were far behind the Mercedes. Look at the results. The third in the Sebastian Vettel classification of Ferrari lost as much as 0.763 seconds to Hamilton. It's a blow. It appears that the sixth Mercedes doublet is being prepared on Sunday.

On Saturday at 12.00 the third training will start and at 15.00 the qualification will start. The Monaco GP race will be held on Sunday. Starts 15.10.


16.31 – Mercedes power show. The second training was won by Hamilton in front of Bottas. The rest is far behind. The third Vettel lost almost second to them, it's a great deal. Williamsy is traditionally at the end. Kubica is the last, and Russell is the penultimate.

16.30 – End of second training!

16.29 – Bottas finished the trial test.

16.25 – Verstappen is still trying to confuse the front. However, the Netherlands has little time.

16.20 – 10 minutes to the end of the re-exercise. There seems to be no change in the distribution.

16.18 Vettel stopped a few centimeters below the gangs.

16.14 – Versatile is put on a helmet, so I think we will see it on the track again.

16.12 – Vettel troubles. The Ferrari driver has almost hit the band. It slowed down in time. Ferrari's mechanics encouraged a sigh of relief.

16.10 – Daniel Ricciardo of Renault complained about the behavior of Strolla on the track. Point Racing driver seems to have forgotten to look at the mirrors from time to time.

16.09 – Bottas also on the track.

16.06 – Will Hamilton strengthen when running? The Briton started another lap measure.

16.03 – this is how the distribution looks like half an hour before the end of the second training.

16.01 – Red Bull mechanics work on a Verstappen car. The Dutch observes silently on these actions from the side. Would we still see it on the track?

16.00 – Kubica tours on soft compound tires. In the Russell car, intermediate tires were installed.

15.59 The two Williams drivers returned to the track.

15.58 – the loss of the third Vettel to the leader is already 0.763.

15.55 – Mercedes is amazing! Once again the leader came in Hamilton! The Briton made a time of 111,118. Bottas loses 0,081 to it.

15.53 – Hamilton reported outside the track, but without results.

15.51 – Bottas answer immediately! Fin jumped on the forehead again. Its result is 1,11,199. The second Hamilton has a worse time of just 0.046 s.

15.50 – Hamilton used the situation that there are no crowds on the track. The overall distribution leader of drivers is a new leader.

15.49 – Stroll improved his time and jumped the two Williams drivers. So Kubica is the last one, and Russell's front.

15.47 – the track was looser. Most of the drivers are in their garages. Hamilton has the chance to reach the speed.

15.45 – Kubica checked on the drive. Currently the Pole has a slightly worse result than Russell.

15.43 – Kubica left the last place. The Pole was promoted to 19th position. At the end of the rate he pushed Lance Stoll from Racing Point. The loss of Kubica to Bottas is 3.871.

15.41 – Hamilton left the garage. In his car, soft composite tires. It is likely that the situation will return to normal soon, that is on the first two places will be a Mercedes driver.

15.40 – as you might imagine. Vettel enjoyed a leader position for a long time. He replaced his pottery 1.11,597.

15.38 – Russell only ran six laps and returned to the garage. Other drivers traveled twice as long. According to Williams, this is "part of the plan." What is the plan? we'll see.

15.36 – Bottas left the service lane on a new set of tires. So, we can expect that Vettel's situation is at stake.

15.34 – Kubica again on the track. In the Polish car we have soft tire tires, so we count on a better result.

15.31 – Ferrari does not leave Mercedes. only Sebastian Vettel went faster than Hamilton and is now a leader. The German score is 1,11,881.

15.30 – it is worth noting that Russell is riding soft composite tires. Kubica was the result of indirect tires.

15.28 – Russell flew off the track! Williams's driver was on one of the corners locked in the wheels heavily. Smoke came from his car. Fortunately for him, he went to the security zone and managed to stop the car. He went without hitting the band.

15.25 – Russell left the garage from the end. The young Briton scored the 18th result. His loss to Hamilton is 3.126. So Kubica fell to the last place.

15.23 – and a leader changes. He jumped to the forehead Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). The defender of the title won the time of 1.11,926.

15.22 – the only driver we haven't seen on the track again and so there is no measuring lap on the account George Russell by Williams.

15.19 Robert Kubica now in the 19th position. The loss of Polaka to Bottas is 3.548.

15.17 – on the lead at this point it is located Valtteri Bottas by Mercedes. The Finn was “dialing” the time of 1,12.315.

15.15 – almost all drivers on the track, so it's overcrowded.

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