Thursday , May 26 2022

For a moment Apple was no longer the most worthy company in the world. He gave someone else their place


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This year it has been a note to Sony. The company was to finally dispose of its design and exposed to current trends. In the end everything came out, how to turn out, which is obviously better, but the expectations were definitely more. However, that Japanese should be given Xperia XZ3 surprised those interested – first of all, the company chose for the OLED panel instead of the LCD. Now we are approaching the end of the year and we are already discussing the Samsung Galaxy S10, so why not write about the Sony Xperia XZ4? Especially that we have an ideal opportunity.

The Sony Xperia XZ4 leaves some of the poor decisions made by its predecessors

OnLeaks decided to share with design, Sony prepared for Xperia XZ4. How can you see yourself? the company decided to restore the reader fingerprints to the side. This is a big move compared to Sony's back scanners. The smartphone itself will definitely grow from a predecessor. Xperia XZ4 is to display the image on a 6.5 inch display (18: 9, without a piece) and measure 166.9 x 72.4 x 8.2 mm (9 mm including cameras). This clearly shows that we are not dealing with framing a frame.

What's even more impressive is the triple camera. The Japanese were reluctant to bet on double modules, and here it appears that Xperia XZ4 will follow the fashion and give 3 lenses. For now, we do not know what Sony has planned in terms of selecting a parameter, but there are certainly new opportunities.

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What will happen? Above all, the phone jackkilled this year by the Japanese. Snap should not snapdragon 8150 (855), so we are waiting for more details. Certainly, there are more changes than previous generations between individual generations, which already suggest that Sony wants to fight.

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