Tuesday , January 25 2022

Facebook does not work. A courier does not work. Failure to "unexpected"?


On Monday 19th November, the service of the Detector Down enrolled a huge increase in complaints from Facebook and Messenger users, most of which were received just before 9pm. He answered the corporation then saying "some of them may have had short problems when sending and receiving messages". However, it was ensured that the "problem had to solve" and that the inconvenience apologized.

About midday on Tuesday, November 20, reporting problems in the Facebook Messenger began to increase again. For a while, you could not send a message at all. In other cases, friends' portraits disappeared or there were minor shortcomings. According to Down Detector, only over a thousand complaints about the operation of the Messenger reported in Poland since the beginning of the week.

Journalists dealing with the internet and new technologies remind you that Facebook has started to update Messenger in the last hours. A long expected expectation is long – present the "disregard" option, ie removing messages back. It is believed that this is the reason for the problems that come back from Monday.

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