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El. Basketball players ME – Schmidt wingman: we'll leave the heart …


In the training camp in Bydgoszcz, Polish national team players are preparing for the last two qualifying matches of European championships with Turkey and Estonia. "We will not give us the best without fighting and leaving our hearts on the dance," said Roksana Schmidt to PAP.

Polish representatives to Bydgoszcz Artego Arena meetings prepare for a group of several days in the city on the Brda. This time was devoted mainly to recalling tactics, offensive game patterns and analyzing video records of previous matches with competitors.

"The first game against Turczynkami showed that it was a much better team than us, although we have been able to fight on a balanced battle at times. So, during these few days in Bydgoszcz we made a thorough analysis of that meeting We have a slightly different staffing situation, because we are losing six players and we have to prepare everything again. No-one said that it would be easy, so we're trying to make the most of it on all training and analysis to be ready for the second leg along with Turkey and Estonia, "said Arkadiusz Rusin, team coach at PAP.

Turkey held the meeting in the city on the Brda, and a strong cohort.

"Isin Alben, who is supposed to appear in Bydgoszcz, did not play in the first game. We're trying to remind and show girls the things that were received at that time, which the opponent just wanted. Turkish analysis of this kind too, so we'll see if our ideas will give us the opportunity to fight "- added the coach.

Turkey leads in the Group B table without failure. White and red lost at the first meeting with Turks 53:73.

"We want to show the best side, so the battle will not be lost on the field. Let's not fool ourselves, just as the coaches told us, Turkey will come to Bydgoszcz with a foam on its face , to feed us and get more confidence on the promotion of the first place, it's a challenge for us, but surely we would not want to give it back easily. We will do everything to make the opposition as difficult as possible, "said playmaker representative Weronika Gajda.

In white-to-red competitors there was only one meeting that won, so the chances of promotion are mathematical, but Rusin's coach payments do not intend to leave.

"When comparing our first visit to Turkey, the constitution changed a bit, but that does not mean that the players who joined us were worse. They all showed their best fun and perhaps to prove someone they can Play basketball very well. We certainly will not give it up without fighting and leaving our hearts on the dance floor. We believe that while Turkey is a strong competitor, we'll be able to surprise us here, "emphasized Schmidt.

After the game with Turkey, at the end of the elimination of basketball players, he will also compete in the Aregos Bydgoszcz Arena with the team of Estonia. This is an object that is much theoretically easier, but as the players ensure they do not underestimate anyone.

"This is certainly a much easier opponent, because players who play play are less well-known basketball players, but there's no question about any forgiveness or ignore. We must go out and show our percentage, and maybe even a hundred and twenty percent, because such games must be won "- says Gajda.

A Polish national team for the games with Turkey and Estonia defended Artego Bydgoszcz colors in the Karolina Poboży, 22-year-old basketball league. After training on Thursday, however, it is not known if she will be able to take part in them.

"Karolina left the last ten minutes of training, because she had a knee problem. At present, I do not know if there is trauma or just a train tiredness. If she can play, she'll surely be recorded "- cheat the trainer.

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