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Edyta Górniak will win … 2 million in the holiday. "It will play almost 40 concerts"


Traditionally festivals are a period of increasing work for musicians. Everyone knows that you need to make the best use of short and stylish Polish summer, to fill it with outdoor events.

Therefore, contractors it is not beneficial to leave for holidays during the holidays. They prefer to delay holidays in the autumn or winter, the more so because of what they have to earn over the summer months, they can afford to travel to exotic countries.

Super Express,
is known for its detail in counting other people's moneyhe has already seen everyone in graphic and concert applications, and then announced that this year's record holder will be Edyta Górniak, who will play almost 40 concerts for 50,000 PLN each. As it is easy to calculate, autumn will be richer by 2 million PLN.

Not much less, because over 1.5 million will win a team Lady Pankwho will play 31 concerts – tabloid kindly. There is also a podium on the podium Beata Kozidrak, which can not be achieved. It has just finished a Jubilee band Bajm tour, and already he planned 22 other events.

Recall that the previous route has ended in an atmosphere of scandal: Pietras has cheated his ex-colleagues? They claim they have not paid for IT!

Between Edzia and Lady Pank she still has to fit Cleohis holiday income fact he estimated at almost 2 million PLN, which initially set him just behind Górniak, unless he is still a few concerts in the schedule. Then I would have the opportunity to get on top.

Behind Kozidrak was: Commentia Grzeszczak with 33 concerts of 30,000 each, Maryla Rodowicz, which designed 17 performances of 50,000 and slightly faded Slawomir, whose only 26 concerts were invited. That's less than playing Dawid Kwiatkowskiwho designed 31, but more than that Dodawhich will appear on stage only 15 times.

According to the tabloid, this year is the lazy Justyna Steczkowska. He designed a few guest appearances in concerts from other artists, but only three and this extra in the autumn.

Edyta Górniak will win ... 2 million in the holiday. Fig. ONS
Fig. ONS
Fig. ONSFig. ONS

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