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Dominik's son Tajner is fighting for health. "The risk of life threat is over"


About drama by Dominika Tajner we were informed on Thursday, 2 May. At that time, the media held scary information about Maksymilian 13-year-old health condition. Dominik Tajner's son went to a Warsaw hospital.

Drama Dominika Tajner-Wisniewska. Her son was in hospital

"The most amazing Son in the world I love life!" – Dominika Tajner wrote that day on Instagram and published her picture with her son.

The risk of life threat has passed
It is not known exactly what happened. Dominik Tajner's son had several tests. – For the time being we managed to get a fever, Maximilian wasn't woken up from the coma for a long time. His condition is stable, an increase, because it means that the risk of immediate threat to life has passed. At the end of the day, he managed to catch even the first contact – he told a friend "Super Express" the family.

Dziennik says that Dominika Tajner supports Michał Wiśniewski during difficult times. – He was very concerned about the situation. Although they were separated with Dominika, he often took care of the boy. When she was busy, she had studies and work, took her to school. Now this whole situation has brought them closer together – explained the friend Wisniewski to "Super Express."

"In the name of Dominika Tajner and his relatives, thank you for the words of support, prayer and positive energy we receive from you. This is very important when Maks are fighting for health. we ask, especially the media, to respect the difficult time for everyone, doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff are doing everything possible to improve Max and all the children who need them. , so I ask you again that you do not make damaging theories. Thank you "- we have read on Instagram by Dominika Tajner.

Divorce Tajner and Wiśniewski
Girl Apoloniusz Tajner, president of the Polish Ski Association is Dominika Tajner-Wiśniewska. She and Michał Wiśniewski in June 2012. In March this year, the news media heard that the singer "Ich Troje" has filed a divorce petition.

The end of the wedding Wiśniewski! The singer has filed for a divorce

Recently, we said that Dominika Tajner-Wiśniewsk had agreed with her husband that they would be part of peace at the first hearing. "The two want to have the nightmare as soon as possible. They don't want to award for wine. When the first emotions calmed down, Dominika decided, because of the years spent with each other, that they should have a peaceful divorce. T – said our performer.

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