Thursday , August 18 2022

Dominika Tajner-Wiśniewska is still watching over her son! We know what his condition is!


Dominika Tajner-Wiśniewska (40 years) goes through difficult times. Her son, Maksymilian, was in hospital on 2 May 2019 with the night. Today, it is known whether the boy's condition has improved.

It was a bad day for Dominika Tajner-Wisniewska. Her son lost consciousness and in a serious condition he went to the hospital in May. From that moment, Dominika is not leaving hospital and watching over the 13-year-old.

On her social media profile there is a record where you thank you for encouragement and prayer words and ask you to respect privacy in difficult moments for her and her family.

Since then, she has not given an official statement to inform her of her son's current condition. However, as the tabloid learned "Super Express", the condition of Maks is already stable and the immediate threat to life has passed.

"For the time being, he managed to get a fever, Maximilian has not been woken up for a long time from his coma, his condition is stable, an increase, because it means the risk of immediate danger to life has passed a friend to the family.

Nor is it a secret that Dominika supports Michał Wiśniewski (46 years) who filed divorce papers a few weeks ago in the current situation. As you can see, the dramatic events meant that the couple, for a moment, had postponed their issues regarding the divorce and their unification in the fight for Maks health.

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