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Constant tray in LOT. Traveler: The money crew collected to repair Dreamliner – Society


The Beijing-Warsaw line passengers will not forget about this trip with LOT Polish Airlines. As indicated by passengers, it is not enough to wait for 10 hours initially, they were also asked to be dropped to repair the pump on the plane.

– We are at the international airport. I do not think that he has settled here in cash under the board, with the mechanic on the plane. No eggs! – Daniel was incredible, a businessman from Silesia, one of over two hundred passengers from the Dreamliner 787 combat aircraft.

PPL LOT published a message.

Dreamliner Pump

Dreamliner crew noted the problem immediately after landing in the airport in China during the review. – When we came under the gate, one of the machines was open. They were already trying to identify the problem before 8am local time, "said Daniel.

What did you check? – Hydraulic liquid washed. One of the hydraulic pumps needed to be replaced – Konrad Majszyk explained the LOT press office later.

The repair kept about 10 hours. You had to find the problem, look after the parts, look for the engineer and just replace the pump. Although the carrier has ensured that the passengers have accommodation for the time of repairing the bault, PPL LOT customers will not wait at all.

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Tranquil tray

As explained by Majszyk, LOT has agreements for aircraft maintenance at all airports, where there are years. The same is theoretically in Beijing, where the company provides the service. – Due to a few hours delayed due to technical problems, but the need to track, repair the defect, and then the plane to check and give Permission to restart – Majszyk explained in an interview with PAP.

In this light and security, the more surprise is the confusion that arose in the airport. – The worst thing was when Mr Krzysztof, who was here or some director, asked for passengers with cash, yuan, because he must pay mechanics – said Daniel. The reason? According to the witness account, there was a problem sending money from LOT accounts.

Photo: Newsweek

As Daniel said, Mr Krzysztof managed to collect about 2,500 Chinese yuan by travelers, just over PLN 1,300. – What kind of service was, what part of it was, what does that mean? – Daniel was nervous after almost ten hours of stay among the children's wizards, screams and disadvantage. "Some confidence was lost, they did not know if the plane was active. They thought if the trip should be changed to another, he added.

LOT denies that there has been money funder

"The failure of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with the SP-LRH registration number has to be deleted in Beijing in accordance with the current procedure." LO92 is on its way to Warsaw. "The information about collecting money among passengers to correct the fault is false," reads PPL LOT.

Output with pump

As LOT said, the plane had already repaired and flew out of Beijing in 13 Polish time. It is expected to arrive in Warsaw before 10pm. It is proposed to be on Monday. 11.40. Travelers with three delays at least three hours can apply for compensation of EUR 600.

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