Friday , August 19 2022

Commentia Sz. it's not quiet about Jaroslaw Bieniuk! "Every day crying"


Although the emotions have already fallen slightly since the scandal started with Jarosław Bieniuk (39 years), Commentia Sz. it's not going to give the best to talk. We still charge the former rape athlete and say details of the whole event.

The case of Jarosław Bieniuk is still explained and if only once the athlete spoke and explained his job, then Commentia Sz. speaks eagerly in the media.

As we have been able to find out more about "Fakt", since the whole case, he lost the model of his job and is set regularly in social media, which also deleted his accounts and to take photos.

In an interview with Fakt24, she admitted that she was afraid to leave even to shop. He also said in detail what he thought happened on the night of 12 April 13, 2019.

"During the day, I spoke to Jarek and told him that I was going out for a drink with my friend with the night, he said I would be happy to join me, I didn't want a party. I had no idea that he had rented an apartment, Jarek suggested in the bar that we were moving to the hotel he was staying in. I decided it wasn't bad to go to a friend I had known for several years, I didn't think it could hurt me, "said Commentia. SZ.

She admitted that she and Jarosław knew about 3-4 years and had always met friends. In an interview with a journalist, he admitted that this bad night was not aimed at a long party, but honestly admitted that she had voluntarily drunk cocaine.

"We had fun, we danced in the flat, I didn't give him any signs that I expected something from him or that I thought I expected something from him, after we were left on our own in the room, Jarek began to match me and then … it happened … I shouted that I would stop. (…) Jarek put me in a duvet so I couldn't hear it, then my mouth would be covered. "

Later in the conversation, the girl counted details of what Jarosław was doing for her.

"When I was bound, it started the worst … Jarek spent me, I used various things, I had torn hair, I was cut, gave me a sleeping pill for the whole, and after that I came down, remembering the fog like a taxi in my home.

During the interview Commentia Sz. she couldn't stop herself from tears and she can't still shake what happened to her.

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