Thursday , May 26 2022

Chem. The PKP Intercity train only had one truck. He jumped the passengers out of the windows


May 12 was a day off, but Chem's passengers remember it completely different. At the station Che³m Miasto was driving a TLK "Ogiñski" train, which was just a bit expected.

The station probably rides up one of the smallest ones in PKP Intercity history. Locomotive and one wagon. You can set the effects. As described by the portal, which also included pictures of an unusual composition, even the leader had to leave a train.

The train was overcrowded, but the passenger passes passengers: Passengers without seats in this car must be able to come in so that passenger with seats may enter. "

He ended up disorganized again, because once, a little one wanted to get away from the wagon (one!), And some just … trying to jump into it. And it's literally:

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