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Chapter 8 Particles of Particles REVIEW. "It wasn't a finale, that's the imitation." Fans are disappointed?


Chapter 8 Particles of Particles REVIEW. After years of waiting, the fans finally reached the final of a HBO hit production. Was it worth eight seasons? We reviewed you the final episode of Game of Thrones, after which many fans of this series promised real fireworks.

Round Term 8 chapters 6. REVIEW OF THE FINAL SUBJECT

It happened. After 8 years, we have come to the end of the world phenomenon, which was certainly a Game of Thrones. During this time, the HBO series managed to break the viewers' records and revolutionize television, and – finally – … leave the whole line.

If the previous periods of season 8 were weak for you, I don't know what you'll say after the final. It is difficult to describe what the creators have prepared for us in the final chapter of the series. Good moments can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Notably there are the first minutes of the chapter (you can feel emotion, uncertainty, a note of horror), as well as the story of Crowds. The remainder were weak. The story began to break with every minute. All subsequent scenes and answers caused increasing frustration.

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Most GoT fans realize that the screen writers did not face an easy task before writing the final. The expectations were overwhelming, which is why before the end I was ready for disappointment, although the previous episodes were in the season – contrary to the majority view – in my opinion they kept the level ( especially action). However, I did not expect such a finial.

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Today's chapter was not like GoT, just a weak Hollywood story. While watching every minute of this chapter, I did not think that the series, where there were never easy answers to her, that the story written in blood and curiosity, at incredibly complex times, was ultimately so rude and illogical. There will be room for kitschy scenes, unsuccessful jokes and candy, a fully prepared solution to the power game in Westeros.

In summary: The way in which GoT was completed was unworthy from all previous seasons. That's not the ending, that's the imitation.

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