Thursday , May 26 2022

Central Communications Port. The airport will be called "Sureness"


The construction of the airport in the middle of the field, almost 40 kilometers from Warsaw, was published last year. Then he started a warming up debate, whether Polish is needed on the big airport – which can handle up to 100 million passengers. The dispute continues, but it should be added that investments are needed in air transport. Already now, the location at Chopin airport runs out, which serves about 16-17 million passengers a year.

Central Airport (part of the CPK) is to completely discharge or replace the Warsaw airport. The Minister for CPK Mikołaj Wild recently presented details of a major investment of £ 35 billion, of which 150,000 will be created under these. jobs. Apart from the airport in Baranów, hotels, railway stations and buses as well as conference centers will be built – in a word, a new city. At the "Wings of Change Europe" meeting in Madrid, the International Transport Association – IATA admitted that the Central Communications Port is a good project, especially at a time when investments in the flight industry across Europe are small.

CPK – according to the Ministry's announcement – will open in 2030. Then it will have a capacity of around 40 million passengers, but ultimately it can provide up to 100 million people a year. Initially, there will be two runways with the possibility of adding two more.

The airport has won the official name – Port "Solidarity". – I am convinced that CPK will exhibit Poland on the international arena. Such a magnificent project requires appropriate building communication and recognition during the first phase of the investment process. The visual recognition of the "Solidarity" Portal will be an important support in this regard and will strengthen CPK awareness in Poland and overseas. We want CPK on the air services market to come as strong as Heathrow or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle – says Jacek Bartosiak, president of the Central Communications Port.

The airport logo includes a combination of circles and arrows that form the "S" letter – referring to the name "Solidarity". The arrows to simulate communication and movement. Similar signs will also apply to the "Solidarność" Railways. This is part of the CPK, which is responsible for providing travelers from large Polish cities. Above all, from Warsaw – from this it is driving fast trains capable of developing a speed of up to 270 km / h. In the future, talk about ultra-vacuum trains.

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