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"Big Brother" returns to the TVN casting pocket issue


On Wednesday, the portal of said that the TVN Discovery Group program management had already decided to implement the next issue of "Big Brother". Container reality show will be broadcast in spring 2019, but this time on TVN7. The popular format will return to Polish TV after 11 years break.

The sender's press office does not provide information on this issue. But according to our findings, the official format will be restored before the end of this year. The reality producer is Endemol Shine Polska.

The tendency to return to test formats

Why TVN reaches a reality of the past? Vice President of Telewizja Polska, Maciej Stanecki, said the search for broadcasters of previously tested formats was the result of the spectacular lack of successes achieved by completely new formats.. – You can see it in the TV show, just choose from it. I'm not surprised by TVN that it reaches for its greatest success of the start. However, "Big Brother" has its own brand and TVN can count on success – Stanecki's comments.

Stanecki stipulates that "Big Brother" would not be sure of Telewizja Polska because of the kind of entertainment offered to viewers. But it is noted that the TVN Discovery Group strengthens Seven, trying to expand its presence on the market.

– It can also be seen as a trading policy framework: Siódemka is strongly promoted, and the timetable has to be organized in a way that is a station for all, not only for those chosen. At the same time, the broadcaster sets TVN7 as a channel for viewers from smaller centers, that is, a more obstacle audience. So, I think that the new edition will have classic rules. That's what 15 years ago more than the limits, which could be used to viewers, are now classed as classic – adds a vice president of TVP.

TVN specialist Andrzej Zarębski draws TVN's attention to recovering well-known and popular formats for many years (eg "Millionaire", "Agent" or "Reversals") This is of course a general trend in the market, but – in the opinion of the portal interconnector – TVN is successful at this level.

– Will it be the same as "Big Brother", I can not decide. But I have to admit that the idea is interesting, and the program itself can be attractive when it appears on the screen. Then we'll see who will last. I will watch it with curiosity and I think the viewers will at least look at it too. More after the first few episodes can be said – they are assessing Zarębski.

– I see, however, carefully at the start of this project, because "Big Brother" is supposed to hit TVN7, not the main antenna. Even the program is hidden in the thematic channel in insurance, but it includes the possibility of a better or worse address on this market. I'm curious, but time will check success – the expert underlines.

There is room for "Big Brother", viewers like reality shows

Daniel Reszka, vice president of the Viacom International Media Networks for youth brands and appearing in CEE, is convinced about the important role of a reality television show.

– Real-show is an invaluable form of viewers' constituents. We can see this unintentional interest on the example of a production. There is certainly room for a new reality show program on the market, but its success depends on many factors, including good casting. That is why we will be interested in this title with interest – explains Daniel Reszka.

Viacom has been broadcasting on the Polish market for 5 years on the MTV Polska reality "Warsaw Shore", which is hitting the station and Player platform, where episodes are constantly available, and from autumn this year. Users of players can buy access to pre-release periods in the "on request" service. "Warsaw Shore" also hit the overseas markets of Viacom.

– At present, we are already introducing the 10th term of "Warsaw Shore", while the 9th edition of this program has recorded the best viewing results in the commercial group of 16-49 from 2014. Just like the "Ex on Poland 4 beach", which is the most popular season among those published so far – Reszka explained.

Wojciech Krzyżaniak, journalist, media expert and creator of the blog, believes that it is difficult to say what form the program will come back.

– Only with this information you will be able to assess the chance of success with higher probability – can even engage in very much interest. It's a relatively inexpensive format for the opportunities that they offer and the opportunities that are offered on the web. For several months, the producer and broadcaster have virtually easy access to participants, who can continuously adapt the formula, present game quota elements, promote other formats of & # 39; All Discovery Group – nominates Wojciech Krzyżaniak.

At the same time, the journalist states that a Polish market was one of those who did not have a local version of this reality show. – "Big Brother" or its mutations are broadcast in many countries without interruption. It's no longer like locomotives, but rather supposing them, but their participants still make emotions everywhere. With us, substitute for the format is "Warsaw Shore" on MTV. And with a less secure range of the sender, it's great. Also, and perhaps mostly thanks to the internet. On YouTube, the "Warsaw Shore" channel is very popular, and the participants are real stars on the web – it's stressed.

– This is also the way TVN goes, and it is expected that TV "entrances" will often be sent to separate channels in the Player, the community and perhaps on YouTube. And this – perhaps for a short time – works – says Krzyżaniak.

Radek Kobiałko producer and director, who has produced, among others, the Slovakian reality show "The Beach 33", it is surprising that a "Big Brother" in Poland has had such a long break in emissions.

– The development of video formats in new media with vlogs on Youtube is also a fuel for reality, because in both cases viewers are attracted by "ordinary" people. This is clearly evident in the case of talent shows, which developed alongside the increasing popularity of vloggers and other forms of YouTuber activity. Youtube has also become a testing field that shapes the mass idol's new idols. This watchman grew up and next to the TT, it also watches traditional TV and the reality format has tailored to a large part of viewers. That's why Great Stream "in the UK or USA has already had 20 issues, and it's still broadcasting in many other countries. What's exactly the difference, in principle, watching & # 39 ; The girls in the Big Brother House are similar to them on the web? – reflects Radek Kobiałko, the creature of the podcast "Radek Kobiałko Nadaje".

– When in 2012 I was a creative producer of the "Baru" reality show "The Beach 33" in Slovakia, I was also surprised by the popularity of this type of formats in other markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Here, many reality formats have been broadcast so far with great popularity. For example, "Farm", which means "Big Brother" with participants living on a farm without electricity, without running water – like a hundred years ago. It's probably that this format has already been a tenth edition – it describes.

The producer specifies that the operating team and program must reconcile with the basic change in relation to the original format and give a full connection to & # 39; r viewers to viewers. – I will change it and use it as a new advantage. There should also be an app for viewers with the ability to track a home around the clock, choose cameras and microphones. It is also a good field for monetization. In social media, there should be continuous casting for follow-up participants who come into the house during the program. And the residents of the house should fulfill the tasks devised by the viewers and their assessment – describe Kobiałko.

"Big Brother" will come back after 11 years break

The "Big Brother" reality showcase was created by Endemol in the Netherlands, its first edition was realized in 1999. The program shows the daily life of a group of participants living in a common house and operating Big Brother orders . In addition, they are nominating other participants who leave the competition every week or two weeks. Viewers vote for the people with the highest number of signs, ultimately deciding who will leave the program. As a result, the number of participants falling weekly, in the last two people continues.

The Polish version of "Big Brother" should debuted in TVN in spring 2001Here's the first classic classic TV show on Polish television. In the years 2001-2002, the station showed three issues of the program. There are two others – in autumn 2007 and spring 2008 (the famous performers also performed in the last) – they could be watched on TV4.

In spring 2001, Polsat made a similar reality show "Two Worlds", and then for a number of years he showed "Bar".

The first Polish edition of "Big Brother" has won the greatest interest, earning many typical popularity participants, including the winner was Janusz Dzięcioł (then deputy), Piotr Gulczyński, Manuela Jabłońska ( then Michalak) and Małgorzata Maier (both running programs on TVN) and Klaudiusz Ševković. The second edition won by Marzena Wieczorek, the third by Piotr Borucki, the fourth by Jolanta Rutowicz, and the third by Jarosław Jakimowicz and Janusz Strączek.

The "Big Brother" of the beginning was a big argumentSome (including psychologists and well-known psychotherapists) enacted him to deprive and stagger the privacy of the participants. In spring 2002, punished KRRiT 300,000 TVN. right for the fact that in the first edition of the "Big Brother" chapters that were published, 23 violence was open. Under the settlement, the sender has paid 50,000 to the state budget. PLN 100,000 The TVN Foundation was put PLN, with 150,000. PLN was canceled.

After several years, "Millionarzy" and "Idol" have already returned

"Big Brother" will be another entertainment program that comes back to Polish television after a long break. From February last year. TVN is still broadcasting the "Millionaires" quiz show, which was present at the station from 1999 to the end of 2010 (with a break in 2003-2007).

Polsat in the spring of last year showed the new edition of the "Idol" talent show, previously broadcast in 2002-2005. In addition, after TVN he was entitled to "Dibble with a whistle" and from spring 2014, I realized eight issues of this show.

Last year TVN capital group recorded an increase in sales revenue of 7.3 per cent. up to PLN 1.81 billion and net profit PLN 466.22 million (compared to PLN 34.93 million a year earlier). The percentage of revenue increased much more than advertising.

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