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Aviation disaster in Ethiopia. Boeing Problems 737 MAX 8


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New airplane, good weather and disaster.

Photo: EPA / STR

Video: tvn24
Wojciech Łuczak on Boeing 737 MAX 8

The airline crash on Ethiopia Sunday is the latest model of the Boeing 737 – MAX 8. A machine-related disaster last year happened in Indonesia. Experts address a specific system in this model, which – as they say – can lead to a situation of "wrestling the crew with the computer".

Last year's Boeing 737 MAX 8, which crashed on Sunday, was introduced to Ethiopia in mid-November – reporting to the Associated Press agency.

A similar disaster occurred in the same machine in 2018. At the end of October, Indonesia Lion Air's line plane fell to the sea 13 minutes after leaving the Jakarta airport. 189 people died later. This aircraft was used for less than three months.

"Either a crew error or a technical failure"

Tomasz Hypki, the publisher of Skrzydlatej Polski, mentioned the TV disaster on TVN24.

– It's a very mysterious issue. The plane was new, just like the one Indonesia. The weather was great, cloudy, very visually, so all weather can be rejected – the expert noted.

He added that "two versions remain". – Either a crew error or some technical failure on board. Of course, if we are forbidding a terrorist attack, we must always take into account – Hypki emphasized.

He noted that "there have been very few air crashes in recent years". – They happen exceptionally. A little a year, sometimes a couple. New Boeing participation is very significant in this number and this will need to be explained as soon as possible – he emphasized.

As he added, "it's very similar that this is related to the design of this plane, components or software somehow."

"It's come to the situation of having trouble with the computer"

Another publisher Skrzydlatej Polski, Wojciech Łuczak, relied on the analysis of American experts regarding the Boeing 737 MAX 8 disasters and said that these aircraft "there is a piece".

– A device was installed in this Boeing, which prevents stalking. If the machine decides that the crew is too high at an angle, then the machine recognizes that it is a dangerous situation, it takes control of the plane itself and in turn the nose – he explained.

As he added, "if the crew who flew on the previous models did not completely read this service's service bulletin, then it's up to the situation having trouble with the computer. "

And – as the expert mentioned – "just delete this function, which has to do with the button on the phone."

Source: EPA / STR Boeing 737 MAX 8 Airlines Ethiopia

"Perhaps we're not dealing with a similar story"

Łuczak reminded that this system was the most likely case of last year's disaster in Indonesia.

The information read from the Black Indonesian box indicates that the vibrator of the rod – a device that warns the pilot against stalls, which is a sudden lift lifts and a surge in aerodynamic drag – for the Most unlucky flies indicate the problem. The captain tried to lift the plane's nose, but the automatic anti-virus system leaves it.

– American experts today say that we can have a similar history – he added.

So far, however, there is no hard evidence for such a dissertation. The control of the Ethiopia airline announced Sunday Sunday that the aircraft had "had no technical problems".

AOA sensor

As the BBC writes, the Angle of Attack (AOA) and software sensor works in a different way than the sensors in previous Boeing 737 models, which were not be reported to aircraft pilots from Indonesia.

A few days after an accident last year, Boeing sent a special airline newsletter.

The US Federal Aircraft Administration has indicated in the directive that problems with the AOA sensor "could cause the flight crew to have difficulty managing the plane and result in excessive loss, significant height loss and collision possible with the ground. "

Source: PAP / Małgorzata Latos Aviation disaster in Ethiopia

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