Saturday , May 28 2022

Android Auto in Poland? Yes, at last


Android Auto in Poland will finally become a fact. Google has officially announced that the car interface will be made available to Poles. This is very good news!

Android Auto – Poland is on the list of countries to be distributed soon

We wait, wait and … finally we wait. Admittedly, a year and a half ago, something changed in this matter, but Google only announced it officially now Android Auto will be heading to Poland and Polish consumers. Our country has been identified as one of the recipients of the service in the near future. Not in the form of a .apk file (because it’s been available for a long time), but usually – we download it from the Google Play store.

Bad news? Google nowhere explains what it means “in the near future”. However, we expect that Android Auto’s premiere in Poland will take place no later than December 2021. Who will benefit from it? Any interested driver with a phone equipped with a Android from version 5.0 and above.

Finally, Android Auto will be in Poland. But what is it anyway?

Anyway, what is Android Auto? This is a special interface tailored to the needs of drivers. When we sit behind the steering wheel, the smartphone can take over the infotainment center function – giving you quick access to navigation, calls or Spotify player, as well as the voice of Google Assistant. Big icons and a focus on only the most important applications while driving are features.

The most interesting thing, though, is that the Android Auto interface can be displayed not only on the smartphone’s screen, but also on the car radio display, as long as it’s compatible and the phone is connected. The latter then acts only as a source of content. Who has used it knows it’s a great thing.

Source: Google, own information

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