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After EnergaCamerimage. Bruski responds to the words of the Jew: – Again he acted dishonestly


On Saturday at Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, the 26th edition of the festival was seamlessly EnergaCamerimage. In closing the festival, Marek Żydowicz, his craftsman and director, said few words about the future of the festival.

– It is not secret that this year, the city of Bydgoszcz breaks the subsidy for the festival[ArôliMarekŻydowowzil'shighlightsofPresident'sCulturePiotrGlińskiaListoryToruńMichałZaleskiynghylchartsmithshomescenterCamerimageynToruńymmisPrivacy[potymgdywgrudniuubrMarekŻydowiczpodpisałzministremkulturyPiotremGlińskimiprezydentemToruniaMichałemZaleskimlistintencyjnywsprawiebudowycentrumCamerimagewToruniuprezydent[arôliMarekŻydowiczlofnodillythyrofwriadgyda'rGweinidogDiwylliantPiotrGlińskiaLlywyddToruńMichałZaleskiynghylchadeiladu'rganolfanCamerimageynToruńymmisRhagfyryllynedd[potymgdywgrudniuubrMarekŻydowiczpodpisałzministremkulturyPiotremGlińskimiprezydentemToruniaMichałemZaleskimlistintencyjnywsprawiebudowycentrumCamerimagewToruniuprezydentBydgoszcz Rafał Bruski decided to break the city's municipal subsidy of PLN 2.5 million to PLN 500,000.

zł; Advisers Bydgoszcz supports the president's decision – editor. goal.]- he reminded him. – That's why dear friends, no matter where you are coming, when you return to your home, let me know when there is a friendly place with a wise steward that will not commit to & # 39 ; to small political ambitions above the well-being of the residents. I would be happy to move to such a place. I know that all of you will stay with us, no matter where the festival will take place.

Marek Żydowicz, director of the EnergaCamerimage festival Filip Kowalkowski

Żydowicz also said that he does not see a place in Poland. – I'm sorry, in the 100th anniversary of the recovery of independence from our country, I do not see a future in Poland – he says. – Organizing this festival independently throws. I hope, however, that there will be a place that will take us forever and let us grow.

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On Sunday (November 18), Rafał Bruski, the mayor of Bydgoszcz responded to the words of a Jew.

– Lord Marek Żydowicz again acting dishonestly, as before, not warning us that he had signed a letter of intent with the minister of national culture and heritage and the president of Toruń – so Bydgoszcz was treated as next, after Toruń and Łódź, stopped – comments Bruski. – We were open to cooperation – just before the beginning of this year's edition the meeting was held with you Żydowiczand already during the event with a member of the board's main sponsor of the festival industry. From the start I know honestly, before I can talk about the future of the Camerimage on the Afon Brda, I am required to speak to the new councilors of the City Council.

– As the president of the city, it's only in the prestige and benefit of Bydgoszcz – especially in this issue, we were on the lips of everyone in Poland, not because of the festivals and artistic level of the festival – Bruski referring to the event including Matthew L., a well-known Hollywood cinematographer during the festival, had attacked medical rescues as one of the guest in Bydgoszcz. – However, we did not say "no" further cooperation. As you can see, Mr Żydowicz, who has already signed a letter with the Minister Gliński and President Zaleski, has been treated Bydgoszcz only temporary. His Saturday statement only confirms this fact.

We will return to the topic.

Landscape after the election battle – see the program "I have a question".

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