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WWE news, rumors: Turn Daniel Bryan, Nia Jax is going to tackle Becky Lynch's fraud


A A new WWE champion was crowned on Tuesday night on SmackDown, just five days before the Survivor Series, as Daniel Bryan reached the top of the mountain for the first time since 2014 by eliminating AJ Styles. However, much more notable than the change of title was the way Bryan had a WWE championship. The best for everyone "YES!" a man was astonished at the world as he drove an arrow not blowing Styles with a low blast to help win the win, but by provoking an enthusiastic attack after the game ended.

Whenever a character subject turns up, especially one as outside the left field to many as one of the common questions asked, only when Vince McMahon made a final decision to remove & The trigger on such a piece. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio [subscription required and recommended], the decision to make the change was a bit sharp, and at the same time was one that has met the new WWE champion.

Meltzer noted that the decision was made for Bryan – who has been lobbying to be a heel for some time now, according to the report – to take WWE's title from Styles last weekend. So, if any of the opinion that the change in the title was a panic movement due to the unfortunate injury to the highest star and SmackDown girls champion, Becky Lynch, it does not seem that & Happening here. However, what could have emerged from Lynch's injury was the first time, and Meltzer's reports were decided on Tuesday afternoon only. Regardless of how well it was all, WWE made us one of the largest organizations we've seen quite a bit on Tuesday night.

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Following the last time and WWE following championship, Bryan will now be leading to Survivor Series on Sunday to take up the general champion of Brock Lesnar from the Raw brand.

More WWE news, rumors

  • He did not take long supporters to calculate Monday that the flawless game of Raw Nia Jax stars was the blow that caused serious injuries to Lynch's surface and the need to be removed from his series Survivor bout with Raw Ronda Rousey's women's champion this Sunday. On Tuesday, SmackDown Live, WWE even showed slow pictures of the punch, helping to give Jax the best as the perpetrator. As you'd expect, Jax has been dealing with a lot of heat on social media, and Wednesday, the first He took funny girls to Twitter to offer anti-objection and show battle scars alone – none of them are almost as serious as what SmackDown's girls fun is currently dealing with. Never be up-to-date recently, Lynch gave a violent response to Jax who had everyone on Twitter stunned.
  • The WWE studios, Paige biopic, produced by anyone other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had their first first official trailer released on Wednesday. No specific release date was issued, although the end of the trailer advertise premiere some time in February for the movie that has already been delayed.
  • The Wednesday edition of NXT on the WWE Network will serve as the episode home leading to this TakeOver event this weekend: WarGames in Los Angeles. We will find out who gets the advantage in the WarGames games, so that one of War Raiders, Ricochet or Pete Dunne will take on Kyle O'Reilly, the incredible period. When operating women, Lacey Evans will take part in a single competition and the Y Yi Bianca Belair patterns.

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