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The measles, which is a new epidemic and is different?


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An epidemic has taken over the United States, infecting measles infection. People with rash hysteria see themselves looking around in the people in the room and think that person supports the awful incredible virus they will catch and go home I and the children and friends of all their children.

An epidemic has taken over the United States, infecting measles infection. People with rash hysteria see themselves looking around in the people in the room and think that person supports the awful incredible virus they will catch and go home I and the children and friends of all their children.
Wait a minute, when I was a child that's exactly how we did! We spread very infectious viruses in chicken pain parties, measles parties, oh and mumps and mumps, there was only no fear involved. There were general GPs, it was a natural part of growing up for measles, it was usual for parents for children to have these childhood malladies, to build their immune systems, and go on with a healthy life.
We all had the measles when I was a child, in fact the CDC considers everyone born before the year 1957 to have a life immunity for measles. Why? We all went through self-limiting disease, which caused discomfort and the need to stay in the bed with a fever. Medical textbooks of the pre-vaccine period describe measles as the minimum risk of a child with good care.
And an outstanding prize is waiting for measles victims: life immunity! Numbers. Need Never
This is the method of a developed nature over a very long period, and the way in which human societies always processed microbes before enthusiastic people have finished. If you believe that this is fake, then hurry down to a clinic and get your Bubonic plague vaccine and your squirrel fever vaccine immediately. Oh, we do not need vaccines to protect ourselves from the "sometimes deadly" microbes, but do we do it with measles?
When the measles vaccine was promoted to the public in America in the early 1960's, the prevalence of mortgages related to measles was almost 100 percent of the year 1900. "Before Vaccine virus infection was almost generally childhood with more than 90 per cent of people being immunized by age 15, "according to the operations manual of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control ), the Pink Book.
How do we get on Earth from "everyone gets measles" to "Musty! Run for your lives!"
Interestingly, the CDC is silent so far as to whether this rash infection circulates the wild virus, or the particular virus i and the vaccine. As the CDC itself indicates, this is an important problem to solve to understand what measles stress we deal with.
"Molecular epidemiology of rash viruses is an important factor in case investigations and for global surveillance of such measles," according to the CDC website. "During the cases, measles vaccine is administered to help control the case, and in these situations, reactions can be distributed to the vaccine as a result of cases measles. "
Yes, that's right, the vaccine causes the measles for some, and the symptoms are exactly the same as measles virus. The only way to tell the difference between the wildlife and the vaccine is laboratory tests.
Then there's a throw. Shedding is what happens when the virus of the vaccine works through the body and the viral particles are sealed in the meadows of the nose and saliva of & # 39; rg, is a nice way to spread the virus. As more and more people are injected by the vaccine, measuring the measles vaccine is increasing rapidly and widely.
Mainstream media is affected by measles of Disneyland, breaking up passion and fury against the normal whippering boy: the remarkable Neanderthal nitotines that reject vaccines. Media accounts blame people who have not automatically been vaccinated, even when the problem is a vaccine failure. News reporters could investigate a bit easy and find that the global result of vaccine against measles with the MMR vaccine over a few generations is quite different than the story said. It's likely to be much easier to join the untouched chorus blames all the causes that come to the uninhabited.
The secret is that the CDC, the media, and local health departments are all hopeless to avoid mentioning is the general failure of the vaccine to prevent measles. Seven Disneyland workers contracted measles even though they were vaccinated. Breast cases occur with scary regulators among groups of people with a sore vaccine.
"Breast cases are even occurring in large-scale populations because of the failure of primary and secondary vaccine, which gradually leads to ponds more people who are vulnerable to damage and cases that occur when measles are introduced.This results in a paradoxical situation where rash in very immune societies occurs mainly among those who have received their immunization of "" and so forth, "according to Gregory Poland, MD in the January 2012 issue of the magazine Vaccine.
This repeats: "Measles in very immune societies are predominantly among those who have been immunized in front of them". Imagine that! The prize is for repeated vaccination against measles coming down with measles.
For accuracy, we should no longer call the measles in a disease that prevents the vaccine, it's just a disease that is suitable for a vaccine. When the measles have affected young children only when the infection was small, laboratory measles virus vaccination has never prevented infection, but only the timing of the infection has changed.
Breast cases now occur in older groups than in the pre-vaccine period, age groups with measles are more at risk of complications. He has also pushed an infection into much younger age. The "too young to vaccinate" problem was never a problem before the rash vaccine was used extensively, because babies were protected through the mother's milk, as long as the mother had experienced & It's the badge itself.
Why are our public health officers so worried to survive the dangers of measles infection in order to frighten people to get the MMR vaccine, a vaccine that can not block the measles in those who have & # 39 ; u infection, spread the age range of the infection?

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