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The internet responds to Emma Thompson wearing coaches to meet royalty



The actress chose unconventional shoes to receive her maternity

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It was only when we thought we could not love it Emma Thompson Whatever else, she goes and wears exciting coaches to me receives her debts at Buckingham Palace. And not any coaches – a pair of Stan Smith coaches against Stella McCartney and Adidas. Amazingly. Y Duges Sussex wearing the same shoes during the Royal Prince's Tour and Tallawys Harry, so Emma has a good taste. The internet has gone completely with the choice of Emma's shoes for the prestigious occasion, and also accompanied by a tall trousers suit, also by Stella McCartney. After allowing, the coaches were an unusual choice, mixing smart costumes with casual sports shoes but Emma did his way.

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The trainers involved are called Stella Stan Smith & # 39; and retail for £ 235. I've been launched last month so they're currently bang on-trend.

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On Twitter he praised most comments Love In fact star for his choice of shoes. One said: "I love this, especially those comfortable shoes!" Another responded: "Dame Emma Thompson is a great man and I love she's wearing her comfortable shoes to receive the king's honor in the future!" One person was not so enamored with coaches, posted: "Why not turn in her pjs then?"

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Emma received her mammother in the typical fashion of Emma, ​​with a little scandalous Prince William. He then told the reporters: "I love Prince William, I've known since he was small, and we just fell on each other. I said, I can not kiss you , there? "And he said," Do not do it! "According to the Prince, he told Emma that the day was not involved, he was involved.

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Choosing the actor's coach is not quite surprising, given her to take Louboutins on stage at Golden Globes 2014. What do you think, HELO! Readers … Is it Gay or Native for Emma's Stella Stan Smiths?

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