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Swim in a sea of ​​climate concern

From promoting change to renewable energy in my region, to make my friends plant trees to celebrate my birthday – I focused on what could be done in my sphere of influence, starting a wave of positive action for me my own;

Published 537 PM, May 04, 2019

Updated 5:37 PM, May 04, 2019

SIGNATURE. A person holding a sign during a procession against dirty energy in Cagayan de Oro in 2012. Photo by Philline Donggay

SIGNATURE. A person holding a sign during a procession against dirty energy in Cagayan de Oro in 2012. Photo by Philline Donggay

I remember the day I decided not to have children.

October 31, 2011 was this. My news feed went on with the world population; the United Nations had announced that the 7 billion people on the planet were a baby born in the Philippines.

That struck me on two levels: like Filipino, I was already frustrated with the country's (over) population policies (not), so the announcement felt like a repair.

Secondly, I was already working in climate change, and the things I knew and really understood were all very distressing.

As I do for that year's Halloween celebrations, I officially searched for fear, terrorism, guilt, shame, anger, and frustration to swim in the sea called “Climate Anxiety.” T

How can any parent bring a child to the world analysis of climate to face threats to health and well-being that have never been experienced by the generation who came before them?

With this question in mind, reconsider my excentric girlfriend who is now considered for small tiny humans, and I had a taste of others to rethink their own baby making plans. (READ: My life, my choice: ‘Why did I choose not to have children’)

But children only wanted one exposure.

I stopped even banal things like posting a travel album on my social media accounts, an important ritual in post-colonial societies approaching middle income status, because I was afraid to inadvertently inspire younger people that lifestyle full of flying is a carbon goal.

Having grown up in a flourishing culture, I was now refusing to visit these commercial centers as I did regularly in the past, giving the best air conditioning free during seasons; The summer lasts for a year – all in order to be mentally deceived into the fastest new fashion purchase.

I hated watching the news on the latest extreme weather event but gave my eyes when I was singing on one that was not talking about climate change. When Tropical Storm Sendong (international name: Washi) arrived my home region, slaughter hundreds of people, I was questioning what made me so special until I was saved. (READ: Life after Sendong: place Where we can now call home ’)

As a woman with mild anemia, I was also afraid to give the best to eat meat, but I was afraid of the consequences if I wasn't.

For my family, I came to the climate that won multiple rules, sometimes destructive. For many friends and colleagues, depressing operator desperately could hardly get it together.

I have sobered many times after the introduction of Climate Reality presentations over the last 8 years. At one time, I stumbled upon a report about how the Syrian war was inspired by the climate, to the horrors of my postgraduate colleagues.

As with regular concern, people are said to be dealing with climate concerns in different ways.

If I believe what I've read out of research by groups like Futerra Sustainability or Yale's program on Communicating Climate Change, I recognize that I've dealt with me t moving and moving forward.

When I realized that joining protest rallies and making picket signs for climate campaigns I was involved in was not effective enough where I was, I found myself working in a proactive climate policy.

And when that didn't give the results I was hoping for, I eventually examined climate finance, until I convinced my own family to support the energy revolution t clean I was always rooted. The same family I was annoyed for years with my climate heart was with me on the first solar service provider established in my home town.

From promoting change to renewable energy in my region, to do my own friends plant trees to celebrate my birthday, and then start a hidden campaign to turn my family into flexibility with me – I focused on what could be done in my own area of ​​influence, start a wave of positive action for myself.

We also help you find your worrying load.

When I heard UN Prime Minister Christiana Figueres first spoke in person at the Shift Power Global Conference in 2013, she was tears talking about how she was worried about the future of her daughters. I met one of my daughters years later, and I was pleased to learn that she was just as emotionally emotional as her mother.

I also became friends with Yeb Saño, the former climate diplomat who is famous for weeping while he has ventured the UNFCCC conference speech. I joined the Climate Pilgrimage with him in 2018, alongside much more like me, and we were in Katowice at COP24 when Greta Thunberg was introduced to global climate politics in a speech that justified the worrying climate. world over. (READ: Climate change pilgrimage: Winning hearts and minds)

Nowadays, I have managed my concern well enough to act and share my time between commercial efforts and development consultancies. Perhaps the most important disclosure is finding someone who could incorporate what I couldn't be in the climate change space.

I live with the deputy Extinction Rebellion Activist life through my partner, who will drive a boat happily on an oil tanker, leads a crowd inside a giant fossil fuel office, or standing in front of a mobile coal train load.

The information came that someone close to me was doing the job that I could never do, allowing me to survive concert conferences and multifaceted forums that I need to attend in order to keep up with me. part of the climate duty deal.

There is probably one trying to find the fullness of a duty holder, even when one cannot understand the origin of his duty.

We have to do what we do. And in the wise words of Dory, “Keep swimming!” –

Philline Donggay is co-founder and Head of Communications at Greenergy Solar PH, the first commercial end ticket brand offering solar and related services in North Mindanao. She has a Masters in Social Sciences for Three Sector Collaboration from the Singapore Management University, a continues to be an active volunteer for and the Climate Reality project.

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