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Reach out: Medical mission for Valladolid, residents of DSB

AT LEAST 1,248 residents in Valladolid and Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) took advantage of Vallacar Transit, Inc.'s extended medical services. (Ceres) and Olivia V. Yanson (OVY) Institute of Education and Healthcare, Inc., in partnership with the municipalities of Don Salvador Benedicto and Valladolid, Philippine Dental Association, University of Sto. Tomas medical team, Multi-specialty doctors, Alpha Coy from 79th IB and Charlie of 12th Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army.

DSB's medical mission was held in the court concerned on May 17-18, with 647 beneficiaries taking advantage of the various health services while Valladolid's medical mission was held on 14 April 2019 at Sea Breeze Park with 601 residents taking advantage of the services. noted.

Mayor welcomed DSB Marxlen de la Cruz and Valladolid Mayor of Enrique Miravalles the said medical missions.

The 647 DSB residents took advantage of free medical, dental, circumcision, hairdressing and massage services.

The OVY Foundation and VTI provided food and medication to patients.

Dr. led. Jam Santos of the UST Medical Team circumcision, distribution of school supplies and gave a seminar on the health awareness, nutrition and immunization program.

The 79th Infantry Battalion Company and the 3rd Infantry Division in the Philippine Army under the 1st Lt Dansan Camua massage and hair cut.

In Valladolid, the beneficiaries took advantage of various services such as dental and medical consultations, tooth extraction, circumcision and a diabetes seminar.

Food and medicines were also provided by the OVY Institute, Inc..

Olivia Yanson, matriarch from Yanson Bus Companies, said, “It is encouraging to see that some people have limited access to medical care and suffer endless illness. This medical mission is our humble contribution to spreading health awareness to the less fortunate people of this province. ”

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