Wednesday , December 8 2021

Philippine lawyer resisting the war of the Duterte drug is blown down


MANILA – One of the organizational members of a group of Philippine solicitors at the forefront of opposing Rodligo Duterte's deadly war on drugs, which was killed on Tuesday, and killing three bullets as he left his office for the night.

The lawyer, Benjamin Ramos, 56, was the 34th lawyer since Duterte became president two years ago. His group, the National Union of People Solicitors, specializes in making no cost for poor clients whose families have been targeted by the police, soldiers and drug squads associated with drug war president.

"We are stunning, damaging and marvelous at the murder of our colleague and cold blood lawyers," said Edre Olalia, leader of the group. "We are harassed and ignored. These are dangerous times."

Initial police reports reported that Ramos had finished work when it was shot by motorcycle men near Kabankalan's central town on Tuesday. I was declared dead when I arrived at the hospital.

Ramos colleagues described as passionate dedication to pro-bono work for the poor, the environmentalists, the activists and the political prisoners.

In a speech in August 2017, Duterte told the national police that rights solicitors did not investigate the thousands of deaths of what is known as drug addicts and sellers.

"If they block justice, you shoot them," Duterte told the police, referring to solicitors.

Jason Gutierrez is a New York Times writer.

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