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New Study Findings Exercise Enhances Memory in Heart Failure Patients

New research reveals that heart failure patients can benefit from exercise. More specifically, they may be able to avoid the cognitive problems associated with the disease.


Heart failure patients who burn

It is estimated that around two-thirds of patients (67%) with heart failure have cognitive problems. Now, a new study reveals that fitter heart failure patients have a healthier brain function and avoid cognitive dysfunction.

"The message to patients with heart failure is exercise. We do not yet have direct evidence that physical activity improves cognition in patients with heart failure, but we know it improves the quality and length of life. older studies showed that exercise is associated with better cognition – we hope to show the same for patients with heart failure in future studies, ”says author Ercole Vellone, author of the study," Tor Vergata ", the Italy.

There are three areas of cognitive abilities that are targeted especially at their heart failure homes. These are memory, speed of processing and executive functions.

"These areas are important for remembering health care information and getting the understanding and the right response to the disease process," said Professor Vellone. "For example, patients with mild cognitive heart failure may forget to take medicines and may not understand that weight gain is a frightening situation that requires prompt intervention."

Six minute walking test

The study involved patients with heart failure walking in a six-minute test. The results showed that those with better fitness, as well as those who were younger and more educated, were much less likely to have a cognitive impairment.

The study was conducted using data from the HF-Wii study. 605 heart failure patients registered from six countries with an average age of 67. The study also used the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test to measure cognitive function.

"There is a misconception that patients with heart failure should not exercise. Obviously that is not the case. Find an activity you can do regularly. It could be walking, swimming, or any number of It will improve your health and your memory, and make you feel better, "said Professor Vellone.

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