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New Masks Revealed in a Video for the New Song 's Declining & # 39;

Here are maggots. What you've all been waiting for since October – Slipknot have unveiled their new masks in the video for their latest song "Unsainted."

Hitting the song and the new masks is Slipknot's LP details that are highly anticipated. The sixth album is coming We are not kind. After posting a mysterious census and several cryptic fever over the last few days, you can see the video, the album artwork and the list below.

In the clip, it is notable that you will see sculptures of Slipknot figures about the end, but eight are within sight while a ninth statue appears on fire. The track itself is definitely a hard rocking song, but one of the more charming anthemic shakers in the band's catalog.

"Not diluted" is the first statement of the Knot & # 39; since they were surprised "All All Life" last October. Both videos were directed by number six, Shawn "Clown" Crahan.

We are not kind August 9 will be released through Roadrunner Records. Slipknot's first performance from 2019 will be tomorrow night (May 17) Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 2019 Knotfest Roadshow with Volbeat, Behemoth a Gojira starts in July. See dates here.

Slipknot, We are not kind List Art + Track Album

1. Insert Coin

2. Not diluted

3. The birth of the cruel

4. Death by Death

5. Nero Forte

6. Critical Darling

7. Liar's funeral

8. The Red Flag

9. What Next

10. Spiders

11. orphan

12. My Pain

13. Not long for this world

14. Solway Firth

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