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Ned Brawet Planet: New evidence shows that Planet Nine is more than Earth Science News


Planet Nine is a theoretical world beyond the reach of Earth telescopes, it is believed that this is the eight planets of our system. The first mystery world was offered by the astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown in 2016, but there is still a definite evidence to see. However, a new study published in the Physics Magazine may have unlocked a new piece of post. The new study led by Professor Batygin has determined Planet Nine is a higher Earth-type – a planet between five and 10 times the size of our home.

Professor Batygin, arthophysicist at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) said: "In five subjects of the Earth, Planet Nine is likely to be a reminder of typical extrasolar super-ground."

Super-celestial bodies are considerably larger and thinner than Earth but not on the same size as Jupiter or Saturn.

Planet Nine is a popular theory among servers because its existence would explain some wonders in objects orbits beyond Neptune.

The astronomer note bodies in Belip Belt, a field of frozen rocks lie around the Sun, tend to group together as if something was attracted.

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In a different study, published in The Astronomical Journal in January 2019, the Athrawon Brown and Batagin argued that there were two definite explanations about this behavior.

Observers tend to influence astronomy observations or large and unplanned planetary presence.

If I had to confirm, Planet Nine would become an eighth planet in our system, Pluto's, discovered in 170 years.

In the more recent study, Batygin Teachers and co-authors of Planet Nine Designation offered a distance of 400 to 800 solar astronomical units (s).

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The Earth distance to the Sun is only one astronomical unit and measures approximately 93 million miles (149.6million km).

This would set Nile Planet between 37,182,323,000 miles and 74,364,646,000 miles from the Sun.

In their study, the authors wrote: "This paper reviews the observation incentive, dynamic restrictions, and the prospects for identifying this proposed object called Planet Nine."

The US space agency, NASA, has also shown an interest in Theory of nine theory, sometimes referred to in the past as Planet X.

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NASA said that, if it is true, it could take a Nero Planner between 10,000 and 20,000 years of Earth to overlap the Sun.

The planet would also be located about 20 times far from the Sun than the Neptune orbit.

However, NASA said: "The announcement does not mean that there is a new planet in our solar system.

"The existence of this remote world is only theoretical at present and there is no direct observation of the object named in Planet Nothing".

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