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NASA's Hubble Legacy Field image contains 16 years of data

It covers a region in the air which includes those shown in older Hubble mosaics – the Ultra Deep Field and the Deep EXtreme Field – and includes 265,000 galaxies. That 's 30 times more galaxies like previous deep field images, enough to cover an area that is almost as wide as the moon.

While the deep eXtreme field is still looking into the universe, the Legacy Field also gives us an insight into the early cosmos – time "when small, young galaxies were hitting and uniting with other galaxies, "explained NASA. It shows the state of the galaxies as far back as 13.3 billion years ago, or just 500 million years after the Big Bang.

NASA says that no image will exceed the scope of the Legacy Field until future telescopes make their way to orbit. This could take years and years, however, as Hubble's successor, James Webb's telescope, is not being launched until 2021.

Garth Illingworth, who led the team that created the image, said:

The same image includes a full history of galaxy growth in the universe, from their time as babies when they became adults … t has put this mosaic together as a tool to use it by us and by other astronomers The expectation is that this survey will lead to an even more coherent, detailed understanding and more evolution t the universe in the years to come. "

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