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INFORMATION: Enzo Amore's shoes on WWE's locker room, says he must beat bullies behind


Enzo Amore's concert last night was held in Los Angeles after Monday Night Raw at Whiskey A Go Go. Sunday's coverage in Survivor Series did not translate to sell big tickets because we were told that there were less than 50 people in his concert. Another person on Twitter said there were 35 people there.

Towards the end, Amore (now under the name nZo) mentioned the stories because he was kicked out of the WWE locker room. He claimed that fans just heard what they "dropped."

Here's what he said during his final concerts on Monday night:

"It's the world for me. They left what I love more than anything in the king's world ** and I will not let me take my voice. That was the king in the The worst part about that can not talk to you and not let me be able to hear me. "

"But I knew what I expected, it's always good and I'm going to go against a giant at the moment. I'm up against a giant, but I'm is the only mother * it's all with the balls to go against that singer and that's a fact. Did you hear … you ever heard a story because I was kicked out of locker room that's leaking [and] That's because I was the only mother that was standing up to bullies and weighed someone in their king's mouth ** and you did not hear about that! You heard what was released but Enzo in Real1 looks. "

"So I do not hit the dirt sheets. I do not tell people about the competitions that I got in to get behind what I needed to get for my ok, ok? You keep a small circle and do not let squares in it. In my circle are the people you see on stage. I've been living with my best friend since the elementary school since I was doing and I had my life and because of the supporters. You have all saved my job longer than you know. "

"Because I had to go there and fight for every word that came out of my mouth. The way I felt about it is if I'd go into a shelter and almost kill myself and cut my body – if you're willing to get cold and your mother at home cries her eyes think you're dead king, why not write this and going to say that you are a king yourself ".

At one time during the concert, a plant's supporter gave a staggering smile and humming someone with supercum.

He stopped out by planting his goods. You can listen to its closed speech in the clips below.

More pictures of the show can be viewed below:

Enzo Concert

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