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INFORMATION: Charles Barkley lets Shaq get up to give her up as he targeted Smollett in a row


On TNT's "Halftime Report" on Thursday, co-carer, Charles Barkley, left Shaquille O Neal pleading with him to give her up after Barkley's comments on the jussie Smollett dish were O & # 39; Neal is practically falling by air from such a laughed laugh. Barkley referred to the evidence that Smollett had written a check to both Nigerian brothers and allegedly in the assault on him as well as Liam Neeson's actress, years ago he had gone to look for a black man to hurt after a friend I alleged that she had been raped by a black man.

The segment starts with the hostess Ernie Johnson posting one more post-it note on a wall that has been filled with the team's predictions.

The co-host Kenny Smith asks, "Ernie, what's the most strangely surprising one that's still alive you would say he has no chance of happen? "

Barkley answers the host table: "Two black men beat a black man." That's triggered Shaq to start cracking.

The camera shows that the wall is close; One note reads: "Chuck: 11/1 The Blazers will have a better record than the Pelicans." Another reads, "11-29-18 Chuck: The Clippers will not do the playoffs. "

Smith: That's uh … that's not here, man.

Johnson, trying to keep the segment on track: Uh, the Clippers, well, the Clippers will not make the playoffs, and uh –

Shaq, laughing: What kind of hat, Chuck?


As the camera shows that some of the post-it notes are close up and Johnson returns from the wall, Johnson is still trying to keep the show on track , says, "I think that's probably the same – I think that's the same. Okay, the Lakers will not make the playoffs, the King, the situation latest. Go ahead, Kenny. I can not believe you, Chuck. "

Shaq: You say, say we can not write a check, Chuck? (It's just started laughing hard again.)

Barkley: America. America, let me say nothing for you.

Smith: What is that?

Barkley: Do not commit crimes with checks – (Shaq loses it again) Mon, man, If you're going to break the law, do not write a check. (Shaq laughs so hard he threw his head back)

Smith: Why do you write a check, then what?

Shaq, laughs hard: Money up.

Barkely: Money, man. I never used an ATM. Now, I heard that you can not get $ 200 out of it.

Shaq, turned out of laughter: Charles –

Barkley: $ 500?

Shaq: Charles. To stop. In secret.

Barkley: Do you do many obstacles in an ATM?

Shaq, laugh: But you said, Chuck, America, America. (The screen shows Smollett's picture smiling) Do not write a check when you carry out an illegal activity.

Johnson: I can not believe we've completed – (Using a baseball reference) We touched them, all there. Circle the bags. Touch all pillows.

Smith: He just said that the Lakers would make the playoffs.

Barkley, repeats as Smollett's shot on the screen: America, do not commit offenses with a check. Jussie; You wasted all that time and money. You know what you should do? He went up into the neighborhood of Liam Neeson. It could have solved all your damn problems.

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