Saturday , July 2 2022

Imee should resolve questions about academic background sincerely, Pia says


MANILA – Taguig Rep Pia Cayetano believes questions about the controversial educational background of the UK Parliament, Imee Marcos, should be resolved.

"I have been an education champion and feel that it should be dealt with as sincerely as possible because we are talking to the young people about the importance of education and we have announced what is not a hibili on the Recto, "Cayetano said when the issue was asked during her interview on Headstart ANC.

Marcos was criticized during the campaign term for lying about his education qualifications.

In February, Princeton's prestigious University denied that the parliamentary candidate at the time had graduated from the academic institution despite being registered in 1973. And although Marcos posted a photograph of her allegedly graduating from the University of Law t Philippines, state university said only courses that took and did not graduate from UP.

"I feel that that issue should be sorted out and treated honestly and shouldn't be brushed from the aside," Cayetano said.

Cayetano, Marcos and Sen Cynthia Villa are under Nacionalista Party. The three in the Magic 12 of the Senate race with Villar are leading the front line continuously.

Cayetano had previously served Parliament for two terms, from 2004 to 2016. She's hoping to continue her armor as she's ready to come back to Parliament.

Cayetano had chaired the committees on education, women and children, social justice and the environment in the past. But if given the opportunity, we hope again to chair the committee on education.

"That was my war heat during the campaign so I am also committed to making that happen," he said, adding that education was where she had passed the most laws.

With the switch to technology and investors coming in, Cayetano said that there was a need to focus on the readiness of the youth to face these challenges.

"Are they being prepared, and honestly there are gaps in their preparation. If I can, I don't say that I am the only one who is qualified to do that, there are Other senators who can, I'd like to put myself and then create those links, "he said.

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