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Here's Your First Look On OnePlus 7 Pro Bezel-less ’

It is claimed that this is the OnePlus Pro 7. The smaller display, less smaller bezel-less on the front and on the triple camera camera on the game back with what rumors have been saying. ( WinFuture )

Nowadays, do phones still need to be officially disclosed? They have drop-off days leading up to the official disclosure, anyway, so why is it bothering to hold a major event to wrap something that readers of erosion technology have already been feasting?

Each joke is separate, here's the OnePlus Pro 7. It has a nearly smaller display without a bezel, just as OnePlus suggests, and has a three camera variety on the back, which is exactly what the company is pleased with its recent Twitter mail.

The renders revealed are the kindness of WinFuture, a publication marked for the display of mobile phones ahead of schedule. Beyond the huge display and the triple camera installation, however, there's nothing else to see. There is a jump camera for self-readings, it is worth noting, but it is now shown in the renders.

OnePlus 7 Pro Exhibition

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the OnePlus Pro 7 is its "success" exhibition, as the CEO Pete Lau is giving. What Lau means is definitely insecure, but rumors say he is referring to a 90 Hz refresh rate of the screen, which would offer a smoother animation when animating and more animations, more flexible in navigating the user interface.

It's not clear why Lau calls that "success," though – the Razer phone and the Asus ROO phone are the exact same screen. But the OnePlus 7 Pro may have an OLED display as its predecessors, which would make it a first 90 Hz OLED smartphone display.

OnePlus has also confirmed that its forthcoming flagship device will have a 5G version. However, it is not clear whether there are differences in specifications and design between this model and the OnePlus Pro 7 routine. Expect OnePlus to shed more light on this in its May event 14.

UnPlus 7 Pro Specs

The rumor specimen sheet for OnePlus Pro 7 lists the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 as its processor, between 6 GB and 12 GB of RAM, and a respectable 4,000 mA battery. Other rumors refer to the Quad HD + Super AMOLED display, stereo speakers, and as shown in the exposed renders, a triple camera set. OnePlus recently claimed that the phone can compete with major layered streams in terms of mobile photography.

Though everything about this phone is practically unveiled, there is always a chance of a surprise or two in the official unveiling later this month. As always, make sure you look back with Tech Times as we learn more. Feel free to sing in the comments section below if you have any ideas!

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