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Google Pixel 3 users complain about oversight, closing devices


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Published: November 12, 2018 11:40:56 am

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Google Pixel 3 users report overlap problems, which also cause the device to close. Consumers have taken to Reddit, the Google Products forum and Twitter to complain about the latest problem that's going on the new Pixel phones.

Report on 9to5Google, It also split Pixel 3 screens that flashes the message that the device gets too hot, and is to be turned off due to heat. On Google Product forums, users have posted the problem extensively.

One job says, "I'm experiencing an oversupno problem while using camera continuously for a video call and 5-10 minutes on whatsapp (15-20 minutes)." The user also shared a screen of the warning message that the phone oversets. Google has yet to issue a statement on the problem.

Another post on the forum indicates that the Pixel 3 starts heating when the user has the camera app open. Some said that the device was warm about under an hour that caused the battery to drain very quickly. Others have also posted on Twitter for the Pixel 3 heating when charging with the new wireless charging stand by the company.

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Check the tweets on the Pixel 3 charging issue below

Some users said that video-streaming or playing music, while the phone on charging, caused the order to survive and eventually closing. Ar Reddit users have posted that the overflow and closure occur during video calls.

One user said this was happening during a WhatsApp call and another time during a Zoom call. Another said they said they were also facing the same on Pixel 3, and in their case, using the LINE app video chat causing the problem.

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It also appears that the problem exists regardless of the charger being used. Is it an official Pixel 3 charger, Google Pixel Stand or a third party charger. Google is not yet to confirm that will solve a problem for the problem.

The latest flooding concern on the Pixel 3 series comes after consumers complain about memory control issues with apps killing in the background, camera app without saving some pictures, which caused an additional note to appear on the side Pixel 3 XL as well as issues with sound.

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