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Google closes Google Fit on the web, focusing on Android and OS Wear


In August, Google Fit had completely oversight with new metrics, the Theme Theme on Android, and a prominent role in Wear OS. With this new mobile focus, Google kills the next month's service desktop desktop client

This analysis was published this week by a large orange banner at the top of which gives a long explanation. Google closes the desktop client to "focus efforts on adding new capabilities that enhance the Google Fit mobile and smartwatch experience." The website will continue to operate until Wednesday, March 19.

Google Fit is committed to training you to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, and make it easier to achieve healthy behavior changes. In the last year, Google Fit has been restored with new activity goals based on the American Heart Society of America and World Health Organization physical activity recommendations, adding princess and home screening costumes and hosting a 30-year New Year challenge. As we continue to focus efforts on adding new capabilities that improve the Google Fit mobile and smartwatch experience, we will turn off this Fit Google site on March 19, 2019. To track your activities and get training towards your health goals, set the app Fit on your Android or Wear smartwatch OS phone.

Google Fit closed web

Last year's service refurbishment did not extend to the web. Today, it still retains the original Design Material and heart icon, although it does not have Move Minutes and Heart Points. Phase, distance, and activity counts still appear online after the redesign, but Fit's new metrics absence was likely to show that days and sites are limited.

Apart from showing recent measurements and activities on a larger screen, Google Fit on the web was superior to showing a long-term monthly look at your activity. Users could also log on weight and other non-recorded activities.

For the Windows and OS users OS app, Google's commitment to "add new capabilities" is promising. The Android app is a good example of the Material Theme, while it now turns away from surveillance. Recent updates added a number of home widgets, and respiratory exercises on wearables. Google also hosted a New Year challenge to encourage consumers to become more active, with 325,000 people taking part.

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