Tuesday , August 16 2022

‘Genshin Effect’ kicks off Xinyan, His New Rockstar Hero Pyro Claymore


We are a short time away from a brand new banner at Genshin Impact, and while Zhongli is the star of the show, there are 4 other new stars joining the game at the same time, just as Diona’s side arrived side with Childe last time.

That would be Xinyan, a Pyro Claymore-wielding hero who unfortunately draws comparisons to Diluc, one of the game’s strongest heroes. But if you don’t have it, maybe Xinyan can be a “Diluc discount” if needed.

There’s a new, very short video that shows Xinyan’s personality and a few other moves. She’s a Liyue rock nerd, and her American voice has given her a southern accent that, frankly, seems a bit out of place for this game, but I’m not going to complain too much about it.

In terms of her movements, she seems to have the ability to summon some kind of Pyro shield for allies, and then her head looks like she’s jamming on her guitar to explode the Pyro AOE movement which, no doubt , does some significant damage.

Here is her official description:

“Rock ‘n’ roll is avant-garde art in Liyue Harbor and Xinyan is the pioneer in this field.

She rebels against ossified prejudices, using her passionate music and singing to awaken scary souls tired of worldly affairs.

If you get the chance, don’t miss out on her next performance! ”

We haven’t yet run into Xinyan in the game itself, as far as I can tell (I’m a little behind in the last 1.1 quests), though I would expect to see her soon if we haven’t done so yet, given that the game is about to move from Liyue to another region.

From what I can tell, we don’t know anything about her ascent materials or her talents or conscience yet, which may come soon, or which may come as a surprise when the new flag takes place. You’re far more likely to get a couple of copies of Xinyan in the new banner than you are Zhongli, so it could potentially become a new 4-star fan favorite.

I maintain Genshin Impact really makes it difficult to get everyone investing in new characters given how long it takes to level up and top them up with the game structure. I removed the last Childe flag and it’s nowhere near where I need it to be for my main squad, which is a shame. But that’s a nugget for you, which is ultimately more about collecting than anything else when enough characters are introduced.

Look for Xinyan soon, just a few days now.

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