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Endgame cuts $ 2 billion at the box office ever

"Avengers: Endgame" has been throwing over the records of the film industry on its way to being the highest gross movie ever.

Disney's film and Marvel Studios, currently in its second weekend in theaters, have attracted more than $ 2.189. billion worldwide, the fastest film ever exceeded the $ 2 billion mark at the box office.

The holder took a previous record, "Avatar," which has several sequences at work, 47 days to reach that mark a decade ago.

At home, "Endgame" is drawn in $ 145.8 million this weekend, a 60% discount from its first week. The film has now won $ 620 million in the US since its first appearance.

Internationally, the online flux won $ 282.2 million over the weekend, bringing its total international account to $ 1.569 billion.

With this continued strength in the global box office, "Endgame" has the opportunity to become the highest gross film ever.

From Sunday estimates, "Endgame" has exceeded "Jurassic Park," "Avengers: Infinity War," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Titanic."

Now the only title on its way is "Avatar," a 2009 fantasy and ski epic directed by James Cameron and distributed by 20th Century Fox, acquired by Disney in March. During his run, he won "Avatar" $ 2.78 billion.

Only two weeks to run, "Endgame" more than half way to that goal. Analysts last week predicted that "Endgame" could generate between $ 2.7 billion and $ 3.5 billion in the eventual global box office.

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