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Dota 2: The 10 most expensive cosmetic items


In Dota 2, it will not be interesting if the player only focuses on mastering its mechanics, especially that it is a backup of visual effects such as a "video" game.

Attitudes that increase Dota 2 graphic quality such as cosmetic items require playing games as the customizations provide aesthetic appeal, ambient effects, new ability icons, animations, and much more for the player, whether it's a project or not.

Cosmetic items, known as "hats" from the community, have different categories. Although there are "leakage" in the game available based on the rarely, some that can not be ruined out of war, so talk.

For example, Immortals, the "most rare" of all cosmetic items, are released only on Valve events, especially during the highly anticipated International.

There are items that are available on other servers only, while some support the purchase of unique goods in real life.

As they are "limited marketability", they are usually highly valued in the Steam Market and sometimes not even available. Traders tend to overshadow them.

FOX Sports Asia has listed the most expensive 10 items at all times, except Crimson and Golden versions of some Immortals, as well as unusual messages, as currently listed on the Steam Market:

10. Head of Eternal Machine (Immortal) – Clock

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Although the item simply puts Clockwerk a cloudy clock with a touch of gold and silver, mohawk as a gear, and a pair of light blue "light consonant" eye lens, it costs around $ 500.00.

It was originally found during the Summer Steam Sales in 2014, where a consumer must collect Steam trading cards and "badges" crafts, merit forms shown on one's profile, to win prizes.

The head is placed on the fifth level and final scratch, where only about a copy of the item is available, justifying his current price even if he does not provide anything else.

The "most warsome war instrument" of the wished folk ever had known, "he has reached" is the end of a devastating force. "

9. Protecting the Red Mist (Mythical) – Ax

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Based on an item in the same name, which is a common building, this Ax item costs about $ 750.00.

Originally available in Real quality in 2013, where one must buy Vanguard Shield from Weta Workshop, a New Zealand prop company.

The eyes of the "hellwether," creature like a ram, hanging on the item will lighten if a player raises the Vanguard game in the game.

The item is no longer available, as the Vanguard Shield has already been deleted. Although the 2016 Benefactor Trust, treasure that contains all the items, has released the item again, only 25 copies were available to the entire community.

It shares the same slot with the Immortal Ax, Mantle and Cinder Baron item, which adapts its Hunger Fat animation and has similar effects to lava and second style, which is more accessible to players less fortunate.

8. Shattered Greatsword (Mythical) – Sven

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This $ 770.00 Sven tool was only available during the 2015 event by Nexon, Dota server 2 South Korea.

Comparatively more than other Sven weapons, the item has blue-blue particles, and it seems that it gives a heavier swing to its autoatatics.

However, when Sven's Immortal item, Vigil Triumph, was released in 2017, the older item appeared to be left.

The new Sven weapon, equal to the size of a Nexon-exclusive item, offered the same environmental effects in practice and improved by adding animations for its load, its base, and Great Cleave, along with an ordinary capability icon.

It may be that someone's intentions to do this is to let others know that he or she can afford expensive items.

7. Tsukumo and Moon Cloud (Mythical) – Mirana

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Mirana Mountain, whose name is portmanteau of Japanese "tsuki" (moon) and "kumo" (cloud) words, around $ 800.00 in the market.

Only in 2017 the item, extracted from Asian Asian folk rabbits, was available in 2017 when one buys Mirana sculpture from "Artgerm" and "MarkNewman" community artists.

It has two stylish styles, with the first one incorporating the leporin. Spyware, dormant and personalized animations are available.

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The second style appears to be a fierce feline, coloring in shades of blue and white air, with bright eyes and marks over his body. He does not have normal animations, however.

In any case, there may be another between the red, the rabbit and the aggressive team, cold, if one had this.

6. Dragonclaw Hook (Immortal) – Pudge

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Originally, a Mythical item back in 2012, which cost only fewer than one hundred dollars, its price was increasing when Pudge became popular and grateful to Danil veterans. "Dendi" Ishutin. When writing, he sits at around $ 830.00.

The item modifies the Pudge hook as a "claw of the black dragon's left piece," with a chain appearing like the countryside. He also has "bone chains" at the back of his arms.

His lightweight expectancy and lightweight lightning can still be against enemies, surprisingly, compared to another Pancgy point, more complicated hooks such as Hook of Mysterious Pregnant, Whalehook, Ripper & Reel, among others.

5. Lafa to Ice Roshans Baby (Immortal) – Courier

Dot 2 cosmetic items

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Images courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

The small versions of the most powerful neutral crest of the game are listed between $ 900.00 and $ 1000.00.

The Roshan Baby Lava has "Ethereal Gem" Touch a Flame "and the" Pyroclastic Flow "Prismatic Game, while the Baby Roshes Ice has" Touch of Frost "and" Glacial Flow. "Both display their names in detail and leave paths as they move across the map.

Only two courier can be found in two ways: from Rodd Roshan, a unique tournament item from the Chinese Dota 2 Perfect World; or from a promotional code when buying a Roshan Statue, during Asia's Dota 2 Championships in China.

Depending on the messenger, players will also have the opportunity to receive Roshan's (Lava) and Roshan's Gray (Ice) burning screens.

4. Set Stalker Alpine (Immortal) – Ursa

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

I was first criticized by fans after it was released in 2012, this Course continues to be one of the most expensive items in the market today, and it's priced at around $ 1220.00.

The set contains the following items: Hat Stalker Lucky Alpine ($ 660.00); Sgarff Alpine Stalker ($ 310.00); Palk Stalker Alpine ($ 190.00); to Alpine Stalker Gloves ($ 60.00).

Originally, the set was unusual, based on the Wild West theme where Ursa includes cowboy hat, scarf, gloves and pants. There are no particles or at all.

Many felt that she was flawed in mind and she did not fit a curse, which showed that he was a "fierce member of an urine load" and had killed "invasive evil" in the forest, its village.

In fact, he has been removed from the game instantly, although some players can keep them. Then, the set was trooped as the first Immortal items of the game.

Although the set makes Ursa unexpectedly, he sure will warn other players how rich his owner is.

3. Ax or Phractos (Mythical) – Ax

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Another Weta Workshop item is considered one of the expensive cosmetics in the game, tagged at almost $ 1700.00

The Ax figure must be purchased to receive the Certified quality item, which is now available to the public.

The weapon appears to be double-stained and still refined in the navy. It has grenades and yellow particles, which can change the Helix Ax Counter.

Apart from the Wyvernguard Edge, this is the only Ax tool that has ambient effects, making it a worthy source even though it is scarce.

2. Monarch Bow (Mythical) – Drow Ranger

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

Yet, another Weta item is part of the list, worth £ 1730.00. It was available in 2013, by buying the Butterfly Sword.

The bow, probably based on the item in the Butterfly and monarch butterfly, has a shadow of leaves, denim and black. It has ambient effects, where the bowstring illuminates in blue-electric color.

Whenever Drow Ranger loses his Frost Arrows, royal sea butterflies come out of the bow.

Along with Bow of the Howling Wind, this is the only Drow Ranger bow that has the effect of Frost Arrows, although some other vowels provide ambiguous particles, such as Bow of the Frostfangs, Bow of the Oneone Travel, and Infused Gray Legacy.

1. Roshan Baby Platinum

Dot 2 cosmetic items
(Image courtesy of Dota 2 Wiki)

This Roshan messenger is fractured above all other cosmetic items, even if some of them have combined, with an estimated value of $ 2000.00.

It was originally donated to the 2013 Directors of the Sugar Rush Hall.

The Ethereal Gem messenger "Ionic Vapor" and Prismatic Gem "Pristine Platinum" have a combination that does not have other messengers, including other Baby Roshans.

In writing, one Roshan Infant Platinum in the Steam market has been adapted and "upgrades;" Its original Prismatic Game was replaced with Golden Baby Roshan's directive, the Midas Aur, Diretide 2012.

Since when did the price of one "item" just behind a computer screen become enough to buy two brand new iPhone Xs?

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