Saturday , January 22 2022

Conor McGregor is Blamio O UFC Championship Pure Redundancy Championship Division


Conor McGregor took the CEO ONE Chatri Sityodtong Championship after a word that the UFC could abolish the flight pressure section.

The attention of the former champion came two sections after rumors started on Wednesday that the UFC was moving towards the end of the male department of 125 pounds.

Several fights announced their UFC release including Jose Shorty & # 39; Torres and Jarred Brooks say they are left because the promotion prepares for the end of the flight pressure division.

McGregor then decided to point the finger in Sityodtong after he was part of a wonderful trade that Ben Askren sent to the UFC while the UN Championship received Demetrious Johnson's former flightweight champion.

"You now have to take all types of 125 people that have left, Chatri," wrote McGregor on Twitter. "You talk all this martial art and speak respect, but your spirit has cost more than half a fighting department directly, it's the chance to earn a family income.

"You should respect Chatri. Sign the section."

It is not clear why McGregor had decided to dismiss Sityodtong for UFC's decision to trade Johnson and then could move towards the abolition of the flight pressure division.

ONE Championship has always had a thriving flying pressure class and adds a fighter, Johnson's standard was a sense to them. Singapore-based promotional has also announced a grand flight pressure prix tournament that will start in 2019.

Still, McGregor chose a blame for an UN Championship for what could be the end of the 125-bunn section at UFC. has the best UFC options and live offers for MMA – use the "MMAnyttcom" promo code to double your deposit – click here

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