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Asian, Asian American heroes to Marvel comics series

This image provided by Marvel shows the cover of the first edition in

Heroes of the Asia – assembled.

Marvel Comics gives ink to an unprecedented team of American Asian and Asian heroes, also known as the new Atlas Agents. Established icons such as Shang-Chi's martial arts master and newbies such as Wave, the first Filipino hero, will join a series of five-part comic books starting in the summer, and the publishing giant told The Associated Press. Thursday.

The list of 10 powerful Asian champions made their debut as a team earlier this month in "The War of the Kingdoms: Atlas New Agents." That comic book is one piece of continuous saga that includes a number of different groups across the Marvel universe, including the Avengers, making a battle with a fire goddess. But the Asian only limited series will be introduced in August.

The man leading the heroic charge is the author of Greg Pak's ancient comic books. Pak receives credit in a new era of Asian characters in the co-creation of Amadeus Cho, a Korean-American genius. The character first appeared in 2005. A decade later, he took Hulk's powers and started by Brawn.

"It has always been a dream to make a team book using a bunch of Asian and Asian American heroes," Pak said, who believe there is more appetite for representation with the success of the film "Crazy Rich Asians." '; There has never been a better time in my memory with more opportunities to do work including Asian and Asian American characters in particular. "

Agent Jimmy Woo's character (portrayed by Randall Park in last year's film “Ant-Man and Wasp”) leads the pack as head of the secret Atlas defense society. Others take part in the event including Brawn and Cindy Moon, a Korean American silk web shooter.

Only in Asian video countries were other recruits previously seen in Marvel video games or web comics. Among them is Luna Snow born in Korea, and. Se. Hee, a K-pop star that can handle elements have been frozen. There are also Aero and Sword Master, creative creatures products in China.

"That kind of variety within variety is amazing," Pak said, half-Korean and half-white. "One character here doesn't have to represent all Asian-American or Asian-American. That's a ridiculous call for any character."

The rest of the creative team "Atlas" includes writer Jeff Parker and artists Nico Leon and Carlo Pagulayan. In the series, those who do things find that someone has switched a switch and created a “cross-Asian portal city” from the name Pan. In Pan, Asian neighborhoods are scrambled geographically and then stitched with each other in one city. So, Tokyo's streets could be near neighborhoods of Honolulu, Manila and some Asian Marvel counterfeit countries.

Filipino American, Loren Javier, 50, discusses Marvel's comics on his blog and podcast “Castles, Capes & Clones”. There were few Asian characters in the vocabulary that she could look at as a child, and often stereotypical or many secrets were servants.

"I love Marvel but I didn't necessarily see myself in the comics," said Javier, who recalled being deceived by a fellow pupil who called her. the enemy. "

"Now, finally, I think of children reading this new generation of comics and heroes and coming to see themselves a little more," Javier said. "It's very powerful."

Charlie Kirihara, half of Japan and half white, was delighted with "New Agents of Atlas" and tweeted in Son and Marvel pleading for more content.

Kirihara, 26, said he was changing to his welcome to see characters who represented Asian and American cultures in "War of the Kingdoms."

"I read through the book and realized that that was the first time I read a comic book was all these Asian characters and that it wasn't written in Japan," Kirihara said, referring to a genre of comics or novels. graphic. "I want to see that he has legs beyond this story line."

Pak wish too. But it depends on how Marvel finds the fan's reaction.

"If people buy the heck of it, I'm happy to continue writing it," Pak said.


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